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How we vote on the Sustainable Future Funds



The primary aim of our funds is to deliver strong returns by investing in more sustainable companies. Alongside this we also seek to exercise our influence to promote greater corporate responsibility.

For this reason we vote our shares on all resolutions at the AGMs of companies held in the Sustainable Future funds. This encourages good governance and long-term sustainability of returns.

The key areas of concern for us are around: pay (remuneration and incentives); board quality and structure; and sustainability strategy, including the disclosure of material, environmental, social and governance data.

Where we have concerns on any of these areas we endeavour to discuss the issues with management; but we will also express our view in a vote at the AGM or EGMs. At the end of each quarter we will disclose how we have voted so that clients can see how we are voting on their behalf. Every year we will review the impact of our voting and consider how we should set the policy for the following year.

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