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Last Chance to Nominate for Cleantech 100



The deadline for this year’s Cleantech Global 100 programme is fast approaching. There are only seven days left to nominate a Cleantech company before Phase one of the programme ends on May 31. To nominate a Cleantech company (it must not be listed on any major stock exchange) visit then Cleantech website.

Cleantech are seeking to find the top 100 companies who will contribute to the clean technology market in the next five to ten years.

Every year since 2009, the Cleantech Group devise a list of one hundred independent, for-profit, cleantech companies who are most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next five to ten years.

Last year 6,900 companies were nominated and a short list of just 323 companies was put before Cleantech’s expert panel.

Once the nominations close, Cleantech Group will combine the nominations with three other sources so the list is a fair representation and not just their own “editorial voice”.

Anyone can nominate, whether you are an “investor with innovative cleantech companies in your portfolio”, an employee of a “trailblazing start-up or an incubator or accelerator” or even an “admirer of the work being done by a specific cleantech company”.

Once nominations close, the rest of the process beings. Phase 2 of the process is the scoring phase before Phase three where a group of experts shortlist the nominations. The final phase is when all three previous phases are combined to decide the top 100 Cleantech companies.

For more information visit the Cleantech website.