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National Ethical Investment Week around the world



National Ethical Investment Week is not the only event to discuss, debate and celebrate ethical and sustainable investment. A range of other countriesacross Europe and in North America are hosting similar ones during October and November.

The UK version was preceded in Europe by Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Week in the Netherlands (October 7-13).

The event, organised by sustainable investment association VBDO, aims to “give private and professional investors more understanding of sustainable and responsible investment and to show why it is more profitable”.

National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) began on Sunday in the UK, bringing together charities, NGOs, financial advisers and religious groups to discuss ways to make sustainable investment go mainstream.

There are various events in different cities, some open to all, others for investors only. NEIW wants to ensure that everyone “knows that they have green and ethical options when it comes to their financial decisions”.

Read Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to National Ethical Investment Week 2013 to find out more.

Meanwhile, across the Channel in France, La Semaine Pour L’Investissement Responsable (Responsible Investment Week) began on Monday and runs until Sunday October 20, with various events taking place across the country.

In Italy, the country’s sustainable investment forum has set its SRI Week event to run from November 5-12, promoting conferences in seminars in different cities about sustainable finance practices, impact investing , climate change and the impact of various social and environmental challenges on insurers.

Elsewhere, the Spanish Social Investment Forum (SpainSIF)has scheduled an annual event for October 15, and in the US, the Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing will take place in Colorado from October 28-30.

The US will focus on impact and community investment, ESG integration, shareholder engagement and environmental and energy investment.

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