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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Road Trip to Colorado

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More people are concerned about sustainability when traveling than ever. One recent survey cited by LuggageHero showed that 87% of people want to learn to travel more sustainably.

You will want to find ways to travel sustainably wherever you are visiting. Colorado is a great place for many eco-tourists to visit.

How to Travel Sustainably When Visiting Colorado

Colorado is one of the best places in the United States for a road trip, no matter how old you are. There are such incredible sights to see and locations to explore across the state, ensuring there is going to be something for everyone to enjoy throughout your road trip.

You can enjoy the many things that Colorado has to offer without leaving an unnecessary carbon footprint. Taking a car or van across the state of Colorado can be an amazing adventure and something you will not forget for all the right reasons – as long as you plan it properly. Of course, you will want to rent an electric car if possible to lower your carbon footprint. There are currently 3,300 charging stations throughout Colorado, so it should be feasible to charge your electric vehicle during your trip.

When planning a road trip, you need to consider all the locations you will be in and what you will need throughout the trip to ensure you are always safe. Luckily, as many people have already taken a road trip through Colorado, there is a wealth of advice available.

What Eco-Friendly Destinations Do You Want To See?

While some people may enjoy the spontaneity that can come with any road trip, it is usually a good idea to plan your adventure out first. This means that when you do get behind the wheel, you know where you are going and which locations to aim for, but there is still room for spontaneity on the way. You will want to find the eco-friendliest places to visit.

This means before getting in the car to go on your Colorado road trip, and you need to consider what you want to see throughout this trip. Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country, with amazing sites and wonderful experiences to be had in all corners. Since the state is committed to protecting the environment, there are a lot of great eco-friendly destinations to visit. One of the best locations to explore during your trip is Rocky Mountain National Park, with sites such as Estes Park making up a large portion of the site. Estes Park Outfitters Lodge, Monarch Mountain, Devil’s Thumb Ranch and Colorado Fourteeners Initiative are also some great eco-friendly travel destinations to check out.

If you want to experience the breathtaking beauty of nature and learn more about this amazing land we call home, then you need to plan your trip through the Rocky Mountains for the full effect. 

This means determining which direction you need to go and which stop-offs you should take to have the best adventure while also seeing everything you want to see.

What Eco-Friendly Accommodations Can You Find?

When people talk about going on a road trip, we usually all focus on the journey, not the destination. It is the long car ride that we prepare for and the sights we will see along the way, but not what will happen when we need to get out from behind the wheel. 

You will want to see if there are any great eco-friendly hostels or other lodging options. You might be able to lower your carbon footprint considerably by staying in them instead of a traditional hotel.

Before getting in your car and traveling through Colorado, you need to have at least a handful of pit stops prepared. This will ensure you get to explore the land around you as well as travel safely, as we all need rest.

Considering the areas you want to see, such as Estes Park, is a good way to narrow down your options for lodging. For example, you can find the best in Estes Park Lodging before getting behind the wheel to determine where you will stay so you can explore this amazing site during your road trip.