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Osmosis launch their next fund the MoRE World Resources Efficiency Fund



Osmosis whose Osmosis Climate Solutions fund closed in September 2011 after a deal with Legal & General which relaunched it as the L&G Global Enterprises fund, have just launched a new fund. The aim is to deliver superior returns by identifying resource efficiency in public equities. The following is a copy of their press release…

Osmosis Investment Management has launched the first UCITS fund to directly address resource efficiency in a measurable, objective and consistent manner. The combination of a rapidly growing population and expanding consumer classes is escalating demand for goods and services just as the constraints on resource supply are accelerating.

The efficient use of resources has always been a feature of a well-managed, forward thinking business. However, until now, there has not been an explicit, objective metric from which resource efficiency – the ability to create more output from less input – can be identified at a company level. Osmosis has developed their Model of Resource Efficiency (MoRE) to answer this challenge.

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