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Silicon Valley’s Insight360 ESG data platform European launch today



‘Next generation’ ESG data product enables investors to see customized ESG analytics in real-time . In advance of PRI in Person, the leading annual global responsible investment conference, TruValue Labs has announced the European launch of Insight360, the technology-based sustainability analytics platform.

The new technology, aimed at institutional investors, offers the next generation of ESG analytics from big data at the speed of current events. Hendrik Bartel, CEO at TruValue Labs said, “Our technology shows in real time how sustainability events big and small affects companies. We’re excited to announce our biggest product release to date in time for PRI in Person, the premier ESG event of the year, and one that we were happy to help sponsor. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the valuable insights provided by our technology to a global audience, while demonstrating how we can react to client needs and provide the data demanded by the market.”

The European launch marks the latest evolution of the Insight 360 product which launched in the US in April. The new product release was developed in response to feedback from early market partners, and includes new features and functionality that allow for custom approaches to the ESG analytics process.

Faithlyn Tulloch, Chief Technology Officer, explained “We’ve created an infrastructure that makes it possible to develop custom approaches to how sustainability data is categorized and analyzed, so now investors can have data sets designed for their particular investment strategies. Users can now select their own blend of sustainability categories, or create an entirely bespoke approach – Insight scores can now adapt to our customers’ thoughts on topic materiality. It’s a really exciting technological development for us. Plus, that’s not even talking about the implementation of the other new features we’ve added by request.”

These new features include an enhanced set of more granular sustainability categories; the expansion of data sources to effectively ingest all publicly available English-language data sources online; coverage expansion to the UK market; and the development of an automated report creator that allows Insight360 users to generate sustainability reports on companies according to their own parameters.

Discussing how the latest release of Insight360 has incorporated market feedback to include more specific sustainability categories, Jim Hawley, Head of ESG Research, said “We heard it loud and clear – investors have different ideas of which ESG topics matter the most. We’ve therefore expanded the categories to a 14-category system that covers the full range of sustainability issues investors told us they care about the most, giving them the ability to monitor the ESG topics they see as most material. And of course, with our new flexible architecture, it’s now possible to create custom categories as well.”


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