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5 Chemical Free Cleaning Products To Try At Home

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There are hundreds of chemical free cleaning products available on the market today. In fact, there are so many that it’s hard to know what works and what simply causes work. We all want to be green friendly, but it’s hard to maintain that life when it causes more work. Here are some products that you can try at home that won’t break the bank. You probably already have many of these ingredients at home, so it will be easy to give them a try and see if they work.

1.   ½ cup baking soda and 10-12 drops of tea tree oil

This mixture is great for cleaning and keeping toilets fresh and sparkling.

2.   1 cup vinegar with a few essential oil drops

This is good for bathroom and kitchen counters.

3.   Plain table salt

Works as a perfect degreaser.

4.   Lemon juice instead of bleach

Add lemon juice to your laundry or drains for a whitening/sludge removing effect.

5.   Baking soda and hot water

This is safe for a diamond and gold polish.

All of the products on this list should be readily available in every house and at least worth a try. There is no reason to hesitate to help save the planet or improve upon your daily chores without breaking the bank. You may find that these are items that you could have been using all along.

Maybe test a small area at first to make sure they don’t do harm to anything you are going to clean. Without the addition of harmful add-ons from companies that do not pay attention to their effects on the earth, the cleaning aids on this list may indeed even turn out better than the other products all together.

We all must remain mindful that what we use impacts the earth and world in ways we may not be able to see with our eyes at time of the product usage, however it still has an effect. When you pay attention to not only products purchased but even products we already have, then you find a lot of similarities in their ability to work.

Trial and error are always the best way to give anything a try, so don’t be afraid to give them a go. If you find they do not do what you intended then by all means head to the cleaning supplies but remain mindful. You may want to take your readers to go through what they contain and what they may or may not really do.

If we cannot begin to pay attention to the small details today, then there could be harm done that is irreversible and unchangeable. Our children and our children’s children need us to remain mindful of what we do today in order that they can have the earth tomorrow.

When we remain as nontoxic as we possibly can, there really isn’t a downside to it ever. Maybe by stopping, just a minute, and paying attention to the small details we can really make a difference even if it is only in our house.

When natural cleaning products work, they work, so make sure to pass your findings onto your friends and neighbors. You can even share your success on social media. If each person tries environmentally-friendly products just once, that is one small benefit toward keeping the earth happier and healthier.


We can all make a difference for the environment, no matter how small our impact may seem. All it takes is paying a bit more attention to our choices. A little mindfulness goes a long way – both for our families and for the future of our planet.

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