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6 Eco-Friendly Health and Beauty Essentials for Women

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Whether you made a commitment to be more environmentally-friendly in 2020, or are just on the lookout for the latest trends in responsible health and beauty, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched high and low for the best health and beauty brands who make great products while also living up to their environmentally conscious ethos. Check them out!

1. Recycled Plastic Workout Wear

If you’re tired of using free t-shirts and worn out workout gear, then the sustainably crafted, incredibly flattering, and colorful athletic apparel from Girlfriend Collective is a must. Revived from recycled plastic water bottles, these sustainably made leggings, sports bras, and sets are perfect for sporting to yoga, the gym, nearby trails, or used as casual wear.

To go the extra mile, the company launched a program called ReGirlfriend, which allows wearers to send in their used purchases that will then be used as recycled material to create new products. As a reward for recycling, you’ll get a $15 credit in return!

2. Sustainable Shopping Gear

Thanks to states like Hawaii and California banning plastic bags, consumption of these wasteful single-use products has drastically decreased. If you still need to suit up with reusable shopping bags, check out these stylish, sustainable brands:

  • Baggu: Colorful and printed shopping bags, canvas totes, backpacks, and more.
  • Filt: The original French market bag characterized by its iconic net body and subtle, yet chic aesthetic.
  • Bagpodz: Conveniently collapsible reusable bags in several colors and sizes.
  • Colony Co: Reusable, waxed canvas bags that are roomy and ready for your next grocery haul.
  • Yeti: Insulated cooler bag, perfect for toting perishables home from the store!

3. CO2-Extracted CBD

CBD has become all the rage in health, beauty, and general wellness. Extracted from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant, this compound maintains its medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, acne control, or a quick mood-boost, CBD can be your new go-to. This is also a growing trend amongst many of the top beauty influencers on YouTube and social media as well.

CBDfx is one brand that heeds to the most environmentally responsible methods to produce their product—through CO2 extraction. Because carbon-dioxide is a natural gas, unlike butane which involves oil refining, the extraction process is much easier on our natural resources, and it contributes to a better product.

4. Clean Cosmetics

It should come as no surprise to know that the makeup industry is notorious for being incredibly wasteful and harmful to the planet. From chemical concoctions to single-use methods, there’s a lot to be improved in the beauty product sphere. But thankfully, some companies are taking steps in the right direction.

Using natural ingredients and professional insight, Antonym makeup is changing the game. Not only are their naturally based formulas better for your skin, but they’re better for the planet, too! No chemicals, parabens, sulfates, or artificial fragrances make their way into their products or the local environment. What’s more, Antonym Cosmetics is certified by ECOCERT which verifies that companies are operating in accordance with elevated environmental standards, this includes package and product inspection.

5. Silicone Storage Bags

The kitchen is one of the most wasteful spaces in our homes. From unused food scraps to single-use food storage methods, it feels nearly impossible to escape this unsustainable cycle. By meditating and innovating on this problem, Stasher came up with a solution.

Silicone bags from Stasher aren’t just striking because of their vibrant color scheme, but they also help you give back to the planet as a member of 1% For the Planet. Aside from ditching those throw-away sandwich and freezer bags, each purchase includes a donation to an environmentally focused nonprofit, such as the Surfrider Foundation.

Use them for snacks, storage, travel essentials, and more.

6. Safe + Sustainable Sunscreen

Did you know the sunscreen you’re using to protect your skin could have the opposite effect on the planet? It’s true! Some sunscreens include chemicals that can be dangerous and potentially toxic to essential ocean life, like reefs and marine life. Plus, most SPF products are encased in plastic that eventually makes its way into landfills. Raw Elements Sunscreen takes a stance by using only the best natural ingredients and stainless-steel packaging—they’re also a member of 1% For the Planet!  

Did we miss anything? Share your favorite sustainable health and beauty essentials with us in the comment section!


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