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students look for green lifestyle students look for green lifestyle

Go Green

University Students Desperately Search for Ideal Green Lifestyles

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College students are very serious about green living. They believe that living green is the key to ensuring the world lasts for years to come.

Many students have expressed a desire to work with sustainable companies. One poll shows that 71% of people want to work for a company with a green track record. But living a sustainable lifestyle at home is a different matter.

The problem is that some students don’t practice what they preach. This is especially problematic in America. One study found that the United States is the least green country with the least guilt. They don’t know how to life a green lifestyle to protect the environment. The good news is that it is easier to life an eco-friendly lifestyle if you are more informed and take the right steps.

Students Make Green Living a Top Priority

The world is already in enough peril as the risk of climate change mounts. There is no guarantee that we will be able to fix the damage already done, even with the technology and environmental awareness that is there today.

We have faced a lot of pressure to address climate change for years. In 1994, Harvard Business Review wrote an article showing that it isn’t easy to get people to go green. Things have changed a bit, but progress has been unacceptably slow.

As the next generation of humans prepare to shape society and the planet, it is our duty as students to live a sustainable lifestyle at University and set an example for everyone. We may be inspired by the recent Green New Deal proposal, but need to take real steps on our own. To help the fellow students out, here are a few effective and positive ways to incorporate green living, even while we are still in university.

Use the “Eco” Setting on Your Computer

If your laptop was bought in the last 2-3 years, it is almost impossible that there isn’t an Eco setting in the display/power settings. Even Windows 10 itself comes with one, which you can launch from the startup menu. Use it and you are already making a difference by minimizing your power consumption while using computers.

Also, turn the display off or put your laptop in Sleep Mode when you are not using it because it saves energy, which contributes to reducing strain on the planet’s limited resources. On top of all that, the Eco settings and the Sleep Mode will make your battery last a lot longer too!

Maximize the Sustainability of Your Apartment

In case you are looking for student accommodation in Newcastle, the Plummer House in Newcastle has a number of green studio apartments, linked studio apartments, mezzanine apartments, and suites in the city, so you won’t really need to look for one any longer. However, what about making it the most power-efficient student apartment ever? Well, that’s what the following tips will help with.

  • Always make sure you switch off the electricity before leaving the apartment
  • Go for minimalist furniture to make even tiny studio apartments look bigger and more stylish
  • Pay the rent electronically, rather than in cash
  • Keep two separate bins for the recyclables and the non-recyclables
  • Minimise the need for artificial lighting during the day by rearranging the furniture
  • Use dimmer switches to control the luminescence of your apartment

The insulation in the Plummer House apartments is expertly implemented to reduce heating costs, which is one more reason why they are recommended as a comfortable and eco-friendly option for student accommodation Newcastle.

Ride that Cycle

In Japan, even CEOs on cycles are not a rare sight at all, and in UK universities, it’s actually a very good option to consider, unless you live a long way away from your student accommodation in Newcastle, of course.

Cycling essentially makes you fitter, saves you money, and even helps to reduce pressure on the Earth’s fuel sources, as well as limiting greenhouse contributions. Skip the car for as long or as often as you can.

Not that there are no other ways you can make yourself, your apartment, and your university a cleaner place to study in mind you, but these few should help you become a sustainable student which we should all try to be at this point in time.


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