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Super Simple Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Daily Routine

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Even if you support the reliance on digital technologies and quality of life innovations to help you with your day-to day tasks, it is never too late to create an eco-friendly life and daily routine that compliments these advancements. There are so many steps you take from the minute you wake up until the minute you fall asleep that provide an opportunity to manage your carbon footprint that you might not even realize. Shifting your focus away from the mindset that you are only one person and how can singular change be impactful to the mindset that even as only one person tweaking some of your daily habits to better support sustainable living can have a significant impact both immediately and over time.

Combine Efforts

As you search through your routine tasks to find ways to make them greener, pay attention to areas where you can combine process with product to boost your efforts even more. A good example of this is any activity that combines water consumption with the use of products, like washing your car. Knowing that washing your car is a staple in your routine, make the effort to research products that are more environmentally friendly and replace your old products with these new finds.

If you have a vehicle that requires special products the intention is not to throw caution to the wind and fully ignore those needs. Instead, you can create a hybrid approach after you determine which combinations perform the best and satisfy your need to take care of your car and the planet. Other examples of activities where you can combine your efforts are dish washing, bathing, and laundry. These are all routine activities that use multiple resources and give you a chance to conserve where you can.

Go Paperless

Taking stock of all your mail is a great way to learn about how you personally can try to decrease your reliance on paper notifications for things like bills or coupons. Digital technology has become so present in the world of personal banking that now virtually every business offers a paperless option, some even give you an incentive to make the switch. As a consumer, you can also find ways to eliminate the amount of paper that you use to manage your budget.

There are plenty of online opportunities to automate purchases or convert traditional paper coupons to a digital version that you would be surprised to see how much paper can be saved by making this switch. Not to mention with examples such as grocery stores, signing yourself up for their app can make you applicable for special discounts that are geared towards a member-only population.

Tweak Your Transportation

It goes without saying that mechanical vehicles that rely on fuel consumption leave a huge mark on our environment. While personal vehicles, or public transportation are a necessary evil if you are dedicated you can certainly uncover ways to do your part to adapt an eco-friendlier personal solution. Setting the intention to supplement a portion of your routine commuting with options like walking or cycling can help.

Your daily commute expands beyond your journey to and from work. Also think about your non-work destinations and how you may be able to eliminate the use of your car in those scenarios. Places like the grocery store, corner coffee shop, or a friend’s house are all examples of destinations that can be considered as you investigate your non-work-related option. In addition to the environmental benefits to making this commitment you will also be benefiting your personal health. Incorporating ways to be more physically active in your daily routine can boost your mood and health as well as increase your productivity levels.

Embrace the Timeline

Giving the impression that making these types of changes is effortless would be misleading. Although these are parts of your existing routine, figuring out how to convert them to support your desire for sustainable living will take some extra research and time. Give yourself a grace period as you go through the trial-and-error of learning how to marry these two elements. Giving up your old established habits will take a significant amount of self-discipline and repetition. However, over time, what was once your learning curve will eventually become second nature and as you head down this road you may also uncover other ways to convert portions of your life to be eco-friendly as well.

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