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Investment Benefits Of Advanced Energy From Waste Reported By Eunomia



The Renewable Energy Association (REA) welcomes the analysis of Eunomia Consulting’s Advanced Combustion Technology (ACT) sector, which points out the benefits for the UK by these innovative second generation energy-from-waste technologies.

As demonstrated in the report, this is an industry ripe for investment as the successful deployment of commercial projects will take the waste sector well beyond renewable power generation and into the production of renewable transport fuels and green chemicals.

Eunomia’s report Investment in Advanced Conversion Technologies (ACT), released Wednesday, demonstrates that 200 MWe of localised base load capacity could be quickly realised from the deployment of consented ACT projects, which are ready to be built. The delivery of these through next year’s Contracts for Difference allocation round will push the industry forward, leading to a declining cost base, expanding product ranges and improved performances; overcoming the problems of the past and allowing the UK to realise the wide range of benefits this technology offers.

Mark Sommerfeld, Policy Analyst at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“The UK has world-leading ACT expertise and the Government should act to ensure that a full suite of ACT renewable products are developed for domestic use and, eventually, for international export. ACT can produce green chemicals and renewable transport fuels, including valuable aviation fuel.

“ACT is a cutting-edge means of turning wastes into renewable gas and products, and should be supported. We hope that this report will be taken on board by Government and used to inform the future Industrial Strategy.

“The beauty of this technology is that it’s by-products include expanding our waste management capacity and reducing the amount of trash heading to landfill.”