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Alternative Steps For Creating a Sustainable, Fun Lifestyle



The modern age has reached a point where it’s possible to balance the ideas of sustainability, professional work, and a fun lifestyle of your choosing. This isn’t to say that it’s easy, but at the very least it’s more within reason than it ever has been before, particularly with a few advancements in processing and communications technology.

So, five categories of thought for you to determine your own green, sustainable, and fun lifestyle are going to include starting with the idea of money, using the sun for power, updating your appliances, thinking about the tiny house possibility, and always remaining flexible as green techniques grow and expand.

Start With the Money

You’re not going to make it very far in any fun direction in life without having a fair handle on the idea of money. In terms of modern living, that means having your bank account set up and accessible as usual, but also adding things like PayPal. And, in terms of long-term investment sustainability, you can’t go too far wrong investing in gold and silver, at least on a small scale, to have physical money backing you up. That may be more of a survivalist perspective, but keeping your options open is always going to be smart.

Use the Sun

The sun is going to be your major source of free energy as you choose a fun and sustainably green lifestyle, which gives you a few different options when it comes to solar power. Permanent solar panels on a standing structure is one way to go, and then you can also buy mobile solar panels that are coming out with more and more options every new iteration of the technology.

Update Your Appliances

And depending on what your money situation is like at any given point, if you update your appliances every time they come out with significantly better ones, you’re going to be more environmental in that respect as well. For an example, consider how much less energy and water new washing machines use than they used to.

Think Tiny Houses

One way to combine the ideas of green living, sustainable resource use, and fun all together is to make your own tiny house. This is an idea that’s been gaining traction lately as people have tried to figure out how to live both small and comfortably, and since the idea of sustainability is built right in, it tends to capture the imagination.

Be Flexible

The final key to living a fun and environmentally sustainable life is to be as flexible as possible. Technology is constantly changing right now, so it’s important not to get caught up to much in any single idea, but rather embrace holistic concepts and possibilities as they come along.