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And another thing: our culture will prevail over cowards with guns and bombs



If there is a choice between French culture and the ‘culture’ of Islamic State, the world will choose French culture, Muslim world and non-Muslim. There is no contest. But we need to be confident, united and resolute. To paraphrase Max Hasting on Question Time last night, have no doubt we will win.

Last week all of our hearts were broken because of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut. Islamic State has carried out multiple terrorist attacks around the Middle East and Europe killing nearly 1,600 people this year alone, most of them Muslims. And this does not include the rising death count from the civil war and executions.

They won’t win though. Why? We can’t answer that better than Andrew Neil and John Oliver, so we won’t try… let ’em have it Andrew and John!

Explicit language advisory

John Oliver also lets rip.

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