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How Garden Lighting Helps To Improve The Security Of Your Home



There are many ways how garden lighting helps to improve the security of your home. Simply by brightening an area discourages those who would break into your home. Being seen by your neighbours is something would-be burglars wish to avoid. Having a well-lit area outside your home instead of many shaded areas that provide cover and obscurity will increase your home’s security level. It isn’t only a good investment in your home’s value, but an excellent way to protect the investments you have inside of your home, as well. A garden lighting specialist can help you add a luxurious feel to your home while improving security.

How Garden Lighting Helps to Improve the Security of Your Home by Preventing Burglaries

Many people have the front of their home lit at least fairly well, but burglars don’t prefer to enter there. They prefer secluded areas, such as the sides and rear of your home. Lighting only the front garden isn’t enough – you should consider outdoor garden lighting for your home’s sides and rear areas, also.

Ensuring that all areas are lit will deter burglars. People living in well-lit homes are much less likely to experience an intruder surprising them while they are at home, or to endure the not-so-welcome person in their home upon their return. In addition to this, there are other types of security issues that good lighting will help with.

How Garden Lighting Helps to Improve the Security of Your Home in Other Ways

One other way that garden lighting around your home can help increase your home’s security is that you will find it much safer for yourself while you are in the garden area. You’ll be able to see obstacles that could cause an accident, as well as any unwanted intruders, human or otherwise. In the event of a fire, finding other family members more quickly who have escaped out of doors will help keep others from re-entering the home to look for them. Even if the home’s electricity is shut off by the fire, wiring can be laid that keeps this from happening to the garden lighting.

Just as in the horrible scenario of a fire, a regular occurrence of a sleepwalking child can also cause great concern for parents, but on a nightly basis. Some children are known to leave the home, and if the entire area is well-lighted, it is much less traumatic for other family members. It’s easier to find the sleepwalking child and with less risk of injury to everyone involved.

How can Garden Lighting Systems Be Set Up To Improve Security?

Having outdoor garden lighting systems set up on a schedule or use solar sensors that trigger the lighting system to power on. This removes the need to manually flip a switch and ensures that even if nannies and other household help forget, the system is still lighting up the exterior of your home.

Motion sensors can be used for certain areas likely to be accessed by an intruder. These would be areas where there are access points to your home and not the regular footpath that your own family uses.

Another tip is to avoid coloured bulbs and use only white or clear ones. This helps prevent colour distortion of a person’s clothing. Also, position these higher than you might think needed, and tilted more toward your home than away from it. This keeps any glare from bothering your neighbours and also eliminates many shadows. A home that is too bright isn’t looked at by others, and you’ll eliminate any possible witnesses in the event of a break-in. Garden Lighting By Design has highly experienced garden lighting specialists who can show how garden lighting helps to improve the security of your home.


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