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PETA UK Comments On Survey On Attitudes Towards Animal Testing



Dr Julia Baines, Science Policy Adviser for PETA UK, has released a statement regarding the Government-Commissioned Survey on Attitudes Towards Animal Testing in 2016

She said:

“As experimenters shamefully continue to cut up, drug, burn, and electrocute animals in archaic experiments, the vast majority of the British public (74 per cent) calls for more investment in non-animal approaches. Testing on animals is obsolete – systematic reviews in leading medical journals show that studying human diseases in monkeys, rodents, or other animals is fraught with problems, because we are studying the wrong species. So it comes as no surprise that support (26 per cent) for an outright ban on animal experimentation is at a 14-year high.

“The government must accept the overwhelming view of the public and invest only in innovative non-animal methods which push the boundaries of science and actually benefit human health.”