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Video: Supply chain 2.0 – Where’s it all heading?



Over the past few months, Blue & Green Tomorrow has been hosting a mini-documentary series on some of the issues faced by businesses within the supply chain industry. This film is the final of that series, and looks ahead to the future for responsible sourcing.

Global businesses are facing particularly challenging obstacles: climate change, economic uncertainty and a growing population along with energy and food demands to accommodate for this. In order to overcome those obstacles, businesses must understand the risks they face and know how to best achieve stability and sustainability in overcoming these issues

Louise Nicholls, head of responsible sourcing at Marks & Spencer, said, Businesses are going to need to be looking at those issues, understanding those issues and the impact on themselves, and then looking at what theyre going to do to mitigate them.

This is episode six of six. For more information about the Responsible Sourcing Insights series, see here.

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