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The Only 2 Apps You Need to Track Your Finances



Life seems to find a way to always keep you busy. Keeping up with your finances is crucially important, especially if you have someone depending on you. Thankfully app developers have kept this in mind and created a host of tech apps that are easy to use and very effective. Of course you want to keep up with your investments, credit score, savings goals, bank accounts, and expenses as well. With there being an app for everything, there’s even an app created so that you can get money owed to you from that trip you took with your friend earlier this year or a latte you bought for someone else last week. It’s nice to have a platform where you can easily get that money back. No matter the state of your finances, there are a couple of very helpful apps that will help you keep track of your life.

Save, budget, and invest the easy way

Enhance your financial savviness and ensure you’re saving on schedule with the Mint app. Budgeting is made simple and easy, you’re able to decide how much you want to have saved and by when. Mint shows you exactly how much you need to save regularly to get to that point. You can pay bills with the app and check that your credit score is exactly where it should be. If you’ve ever had a charge on your card that you didn’t make, you know the feeling of wishing you were notified when it happened.

The app helps you save money with quick tips on how to reduce fees. Plus the app offers helpful financial tips tailored to you. You can get free, easy access to your credit score so you can monitor or improve it as needed. See exactly where your money is spent over time with bright visuals that break down your expenses. Whether you prefer to use a phone or a tablet to help manage your finances, the app is available on either format. You can truly amplify the power of your dividends with this robust money managing app.

Organizing finances regarding friends and loved ones

With an online timesheet you can manage payroll from anywhere. If you ever find yourself needing to pay someone else, this tech is a great system that’s convenient and easy to use. If you need to send cash to someone for a service they provided or maybe they owe you money that you gave them as a favor. Just as there is an app for everything, there is an app that prevents you from having that awkward “you owe me money” conversation. With the Venmo app, you can collect money from people who owe you and it costs no one.

You can use the Venmo account or link to your bank account to send or receive money. The app allows you to simply initiate a chat with whoever you need to connect with, enter the payment amount, what it’s for, and send. It’s a viable option to get money sent to any bank overnight for free.

Using colorful and fun apps to handle your finances is the way of now. You can achieve your financial missions with apps, no problem. It’s really cool to have access to financial services that you would normally pay for, like sending money, managing investments, and planning your financial future. It’s always a gratifying feeling to save cash while knowing that your daily living falls in line with your plan to save and invest.