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Everything Eco-Friendly Consumers Should Know About Ethical Streetwear

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We have seen a lot of eco-fashion trends emerge in recent years. They will become even more significant as more people express their concerns about preserving the planet.

The market for eco-friendly clothing is worth over $6 billion. There are many different forms of sustainable fashion that are gaining interest among environmentally conscious consumers.

Here are the best style tips to help you choose that stunning streetwear that will allow you to look great while exhibiting your environmentally conscious style. This means you can add a special message to your outfit and promote your cause in style.

Streetwear is a popular trend that has taken off in 2020 and is still fresh and stylish now. After all, who doesn’t feel better in a bomber jacket than a suit jacket? You will feel even better when you know that you are wearing clothes that align with your eco-friendly lifestyles and humanitarian objectives.

Examples of Ethical Streetwear-Fashion

In addition to being more comfortable, the look of today’s street wear is also designed to be youthful, energetic and cool. This has led some youngsters to shout out saying that streetwear is only for the under 25 age brackets.

This of course, is ridiculous. What is to stop the mature men and women of the over-40 age bracket from looking as stylish and hot in their own take on fashionable streetwear. Also, since most of these types of streetwear are eco-friendly types of clothing, there is no reason that any environmentally conscious consumer can’t wear them, regardless of age.

Nevertheless, there are some important caveats and provisos to wearing streetwear that apply to any age. It is essential to know how to match styles and use them effectively, but not ostentatiously, to promote the message you feel strongly about.

This can be a trick and to shed some light on the topic, WTVOX has taken it upon themselves to help you choose the right streetwear. So, without further introduction, here is how you can strike that perfect chord, be it environmentally conscious, mature or absolutely luxurious.

1. Go for Statement Shoes

Shoes are the foundation that supports an attractive style. Shoes should be selected with greater care than any other item and should support the outfits you choose. If you are hoping to strike that environmentally conscious chord, be sure to choose a pair of eco friendly shoes and be picky about sending the right message.

For example, if you are a vegan, why on this good green earth would you be wearing leather shoes? This was a difficult thing in the past, but now there are great options available in all styles.

There are more and more vegan or eco-friendly clothing options being produced every day. This means you will never have to show your love for all things living by shelling out bundles of your hard-earned cash.

Just take a look at these fine Loop Sneakers from Stella McCartney. Not only are they especially good-looking thy fit perfectly in your conscious or vegan lifestyle. You will find more great options offered from Veja or Po-Zu.

2. Timeless Pieces Are Always The Best

Another good point to keep in mind is that trends are not ever-lasting. This is especially true for streetwear and the style you are loving now may be a bit dated within a few years.

For this reason, you can save yourself a bundle by looking for pieces and outfits that will look great for many years to come, like Nike dunks. Some of the best brand options that excel at timeless masterpieces include Olderbrother, Pangaia, Noah and Filippa K.

3. Choose Premium Fabrics That Are Also Eco-Friendly

When streetwear was first taking off, many of the top producers were creating top-quality items from very strong fabrics.

The result was a boxy and unflattering look that lacked that premium look that a high-quality item should demonstrate. So, companies began producing clothing from a variety of innovative materials and they looked amazing. But the next issue is that they are not all eco-friendly or vegan.

For this reason, when you choose to purchase ‘premium fabric quality’, make sure you are purchasing from manufacturers that have high reputations for using the fabrics you would like to exhibit.

4. Oversize Your Style, But Not Too Much

The oversized look is actually a good look. Nevertheless, there is no need to oversize your too much. Oversized clothes are cool but they detract from the sophisticated look you are trying to achieve.

The important thing to achieve will be balance. Take a moment to ensure that all of your clothes are not oversized or baggy as this will send a message that you have shrunk since your last clothes shopping foray. 

Instead seek a balance by matching an oversized overshirt with a loose fit t-shirt and slim fit jeans. Try this out and you will see it looks terrific.

5. Don’t Be Loud with The Logos

Just like luxury labels, sustainable fashion is characterized by minimal and subtle logos. So, avoid those clothing items that bear a large flashy logo. This will detract from the overall message of the clothing you are wearing and draw attention to the logo. 

In the end, as Vegan style in fashionable streetwear evolves and writes its own set of unspoken rules, it will be up to you to apply your intelligence and eye for style to express your message of care and consideration for animals and all living things.

Abigail Kent is a passionate blogger who tend to write on trending topics. You can follow her writings at Twitter.