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Ethical consumerism delivering ‘profitable growth’, says market research



Responsible consumption products, such as organic, fairtrade and natural goods, have conquered a substantial share of the market and are no longer niche products, according to experts in the US.

A market analysis, led by Boston Consulting Group and Information Resources Inc., has concluded that ethical products now represent a “major area of profitable growth”.

The research referred to all those products classified as fairtrade, organic, natural or ecological, which used to attract a small number of buyers but now have a larger share of the market.

Analysts observed point-of-sale data from nearly all American retail chains and found that ethical products accounted for 15% of all sales in these chains, growing about 9% annually over the past three years—and representing up to 70% of total growth.

The research also observed that most of this growth regarded smaller, specialty brands and not the so-called A brands, the biggest ones, which have a limited offer of responsible goods and might be harmed by this lack in the future, if consumers become more aware.

In the UK, the ethical consumer market grew by 12% in 2012 with the sector worth £54 billion. The Fairtrade Foundation also revealed that sales of fairtrade products grew by 14% in 2013, from more than £1.5 billion in 2012 to £1.78 billion last year.

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Photo: British Province of Carmelites via flickr

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