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Ethical retailer of the week: Ethical Pets



Ethical Pets is an online retailer for pet owners, selling various brands of organic, GMO-free, vegetarian and low-carbon food for all kinds of animal companions.

Set up in 2011 by animal lovers Joey and Anna, it aimsto widen the ethical options for pet owners.

It sells a wide range of pet foods and accessories from various brands such as Amì, Yarrah and Benevo among others. The companies supplied by Ethical Pets are vegetarian, vegan or high welfare standard meat that is sustainable, organic, not tested on animals or fair trade.

Ethical Pets commits to providing balanced and complete information about the products it sells, the best possible customer service.

We will endeavour to make finding and choosing ethical products easy, interesting and enjoyable, by providing balanced and well-researched information about the products that we sell, by becoming experts so the customer won’t have to. We will work with charities, sanctuaries, companies and individuals to improve the lives of all animals and eventually hope to make ethical pet products the norm”, the business says in its mission statement.

The retailer has a thoughtful ethical policy for a range of issues, including recycling, use of energy and ethical banking with the Co-operative. Being a home-based business, Ethical Pets made ethical choices on its energy supplier as well.

Our own supplier is Good Energy, the only 100% renewable energy supplier. We also have a gas oven, for which we pay a small bill to British gas: we hope to replace with an electric one sometime in the future,” it says.

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