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How To Obtain Privacy For Your Garden the Green Way



For many garden privacy is achieved through bricks and mortar. However, it doesn’t have to be like this there are plenty of green ways to ensure your home is out of sight of neighbours and passers-by. These five ways to ensure you have privacy work well and are also ecologically sound.

Property-Line Plantings

Privacy plants can help you keep your property out of the sight of others. By lining your property with plants, you can control your level of privacy, as you can allow then grow as tall as you want. If you don’t have a generous space, you can choose columnar evergreens such as Italian cypress or Thuja green giant trees. They grow very fast and they are fairly thin. A sheared privet hedge may also work very well to separate your yard from the adjacent one.

For planting your privet hedge, you need to dig a trench, plant your shrubs 12 inches apart, and then cover them up to the branching trunk. A two feet wide by two feed deep trench should suite your purpose perfectly. For best results, you should install drip irrigation and water the plants frequently the first year. These shrubs grow very well in temperate climate.

Trellis Privacy Planters

Sometimes, there’s not enough space to enable us secure a good level of privacy. In such situations, we could try to hide a specific item or view. A privacy planter with trellis can be the perfect solution to cover the noisy AC unit or the neighbour’s window. This Old House has a very nice tutorial on building such a privacy planter.


Those who only want to screen a smaller area such as an outdoor kitchen, a deck or a patio can secure their privacy by building an enclosure around these spaces. This is how they can enjoy their intimacy during their outdoor parties and celebrations.

These enclosures can have any shape you want. A slatted-top wooden pergola can be the perfect enclosure, provided that you cover its top with climbing vines. Fixed lattice panels are also very effective separators that can secure the privacy of a deck. Prefab iron or wooden gazebos can also be placed wherever you have space in your yard, for creating private areas.

Ideas and Tips to Help You Build a Lattice Trellis Garden

Homes featuring lattice trellis on the sides are elegant and romantic. Many of us wish to have something similar. Thanks to Chris Long from Home Depot, you can learn the step by step method to create this type of setting by yourself. You’ll find out exactly what you need and how to proceed, in order to build your lattice trellis just the way you want it. Moreover, you can personalize it according to your needs, so you can create something unique, something that speaks volumes about your values.

Container Garden From Potted Plants

You can use potted plants to create a green screen around an area you want to keep private. By raising up the pots on casters, you’re going to be able to move them easily, should you need to reconfigure your space.

If you want to enjoy your container display for a long time, you should choose ornamental grasses, evergreens, elegant annuals and plants that change leaf colour with the seasons. You can create a very catchy screen by playing around with colours and shapes.



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