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use pemf for an eco-friendly garden use pemf for an eco-friendly garden


Can PEMF Help To Improve Plant Growth for Eco-Friendly Gardeners

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Are you dedicated to lowering your carbon footprint? There are a lot of measures that you can take to be a better steward of the environment.

One of the best options you can consider is becoming a gardener. You will be able to lower your carbon footprint by producing your own food, because you won’t contribute to the pollution needed to transport food across the country every time you purchase something from the grocery store. You will help even more if you use eco-friendly gardening approaches.

Unfortunately, being an eco-friendly gardener can be easier said than done. You might be struggling to grow your plants effectively. You might be tempted to use plant growth hormones, but these aren’t usually very good for the environment.

The good news is that there are some eco-friendly alternatives to help grow plants. You can use egg shells, wood ash and tea leaves. Another alternative worth trying is PEMF, which is also very eco-friendly.

Why Eco-Friendly Gardeners Are Starting to Rely on PEMF

Research studies report that PEMF can improve joint ailments, neurological disorders, skin problems, sleep disorders, and lifestyle disorders in humans. Did you know? PEMF can be used in plants as well. It can improve the growth of plants. It can even be useful if you are trying to grow an indoor, urban garden. Curious to know how?

This article explains how PEMF can improve plant growth. However, before proceeding with this content, let us first understand what PEMF is and how it works.

What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. The pulsed electromagnetic waves work as a battery charger. Like normal human cells, the voltage of a typical plant cell will be between -20 mV to -25 mV. However, in case of any plant disease or growth dysfunction, the voltage of plant cells will come down to -15 mV.

In that case, PEMF offers a positive electromagnetic field into the plant roots at a lesser frequency. By doing so, the positive electromagnetic waves activate the natural function of plants at the cellular level to promote plant growth.

Do you know how to apply these positive electromagnetic waves? Purchase an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved PEMF machine to generate positive electromagnetic waves. Depending on the requirement, you can easily make changes in the frequency and duration while using these PEMF devices.

Medical professionals and agricultural researchers can also use PEMF treatment to fix the issues in plants. However, nowadays, everyone can use it.

At the same time, you do not have to approve an agriculturist all the time. Just purchase a portable PEMF device for yourself at an affordable price. Not only on plants but you can also use it on yourself if you have any medical ailments.

How can PEMF therapy help improve plant growth?

An electromagnetic field is a natural part of the environment. Plants are known to respond to touch, gravity, and electric signals. If every human responds to electromagnetic waves, how can a plant escape? Very few studies have been performed on the effect of PEMF on plant growth and development. Let us go through the evidence one by one.

In a 2021 study, the researchers studied the effect of PEMF on plants, including bell pepper, lettuce, and strawberry. The scientists applied PEMF on lettuce and strawberry seeds at a frequency of 15 pulses per second. Similarly, they used 3 or 15 pulses per second on bell pepper seeds.

You will be surprised to see that extremely low PEMF doses (3 pulses per second) had an undesirable effect on the germination rate of bell pepper seeds. However, an intermediate PEMF dose of 15 pulses per second positively impacted the germination rate.

Another 2015 research study on durum wheat revealed the effect of PEMF on its nutrient absorption, plant growth, and yield. Treating durum wheat seeds with PEMF at the pre-sowing stage can lead to higher plant growth through improved absorption of nutrients.

Similarly, another 2012 research study on PEMF application towards corn seeds reported variations in the outcomes according to the duration of exposure. For example, the seeds exposed to the PEMF for 30 and 45 minutes reported the best results in vigor, leaf area, chlorophyll content, germination percentage, fresh and dry weight, and yield.

PEMF is a Great Treatment for Eco-Friendly Gardeners

When you are an eco-friendly gardener, you must take all possible measures to encourage plant growth. PEMF is one treatment that can work very well. Now that you have understood the effect of PEMF treatment on plant growth, why not purchase one for your use? As mentioned already, you can use the PEMF device for your medical ailments independently at any time.

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