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4 Basic Steps To Becoming An Ethical And Sustainable Contractor

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As a global community, we can no longer sit idly by and allow the harming of our planet. It is paramount that we use the resources we have to provide sustainable solutions. It is the only way that we can secure a positive future for generations to come. One of the major career paths that can contribute to a more eco-conscious future? Contracting.

Contractors are the builders of societies, and with that comes great influence on the sustainability of the spaces we inhabit. When it comes to becoming a contractor, there are a variety of paths you can follow to reach your goal. If you are looking to become a contractor and impact the industry for the better, here are the must-consider steps.

1. Do Your Research

Like beginning any education and certification process, seeking out a contractor’s license takes a fair amount of commitment and planning. Even though it is a fairly straightforward process, you should know what to expect and feel confident that it is the right move for your career.

There are lots of good resources available online that provide helpful information about what being a contractor is like and what you need to do to succeed in the industry. Go through the checklist to see what excites you about the process and what areas may require a bit of extra attention and work. This is also the stage when you might begin taking notes about what practices seem like they could be improved to promote sustainability.

2. Study Up

Once you feel confident in your plan of becoming a contractor, the next big step is to prepare for your certification and licensure examinations. There are lots of rules, laws, and regulations in effect that are specific to each state as well as those recognized on a national level that are important for you to learn and remember.

There are many classes available to help you prepare for this licensing exam specifically. It’s important to note that the requirements for the exam to obtain a contractor’s license may vary by state. For example, if you want to obtain a contractor’s license in Georgia, you’ll need to follow that state’s licensing and exam requirements. Institutes like the Contractor Training Center have in-person and online resources to help you prepare for the exam and pass it the first time. See what’s available and what fits into your schedule.

3. Take Your Exam

In order to become a contractor, there are two main exams that you must pass. The first is a Business and Law exam, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the legal structures in place around contracting work.

The other examination component that is necessary for most contractor licenses is the Construction Exam. This covers procedures for residential projects, residential light commercial work, and general contracting. If your goal is to work in electrical, plumbing, or air conditioning industries, then you will only be legally required to pass one exam.

As you study up for the exams, you’ll gain a better idea of what field you want to specialize in. In doing so, you’ll also be able to narrow down the areas you need to focus on to pursue a career as a sustainable contractor. Take into consideration things like eco-friendly paints, cement mixes, energy-saving appliances, etc. Even though you are still in the exam stages, it’s good to get these ideas outlined early in your career. It gives you something to bring to the table when you meet with potential clients.

4. Apply for Licensure

Once you pass your exams, the only step left is submitting the necessary application for licensure and getting the ball rolling. After your application has processed, you can start thinking outside of the box with all the knowledge you’ve gained. Develop a business plan that budgets for the sustainable practices you’ve come up with. You’ll soon be ready to develop your career and do the kind of work you are most passionate about.


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