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Great Products that Promote Sustainability



The world is a complicated place, and we’re more aware of that than ever before. We know about the climate crisis, the pollution in our rivers and lakes, and the deforestation of our planet.  We know that there are problems with the way we produce and use plastic. But what can we do about it? Well, that’s where eco-friendly products come in. 

Believe it or not, there are products on the market that are good for the environment. There are plenty of sustainable projects out there that seek to provide alternatives to regular items, as well as reduce their impact on the most polluted cities. Here are some of them.

Bamboo Compression Socks for Improved Blood Flow 

This is an environmentally friendly product because it is made from recycled materials. The main material for these socks is bamboo which is 50%, followed by 25% recycled polyester, 10% recycled nylon, and 15% spandex. Another reason this is a good product is that the materials from which it is made are suitable for long periods of wear.

The Bamboo Compression Sock’s features include the following:

  • Designed for good blood circulation. 
  • Antibacterial fibers remove odor 
  • Soft, comfortable and breathable for everyday use
  • Made by the makers of Ostrich Pillow
  • Do not shrink and have a two-year warranty

Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Eco Green Shaver

The Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Eco Green is a shaver that is good for the environment. The product is designed to be used in the shower or the bath. The Xtreme 3 Eco Green has a comfortable handle made of bamboo, not plastic. It is eco-friendly because it is made from recycled materials. The razor also uses aloe lubricants to create a smooth and soft shaving experience. 

Company Vision

The company known as Wilkinson Sword aims to reduce the amount of plastic they use by making their products more eco-friendly and by spreading awareness. The packaging has also been made to be 100% recyclable, and the design allows for better disposal after use.

The Environmental Toolbox by Thimm

The environmental toolbox made by the company known as Thimm is an eco-friendly casing used to hold power tools. The team behind it designed the box to be made from nothing but recyclable materials. The box is made from double-walled corrugated cardboard and is designed to last much longer than standard cardboard boxes. 

All of the packaging has been thought out so that everything fits tightly. The company also offers environmental packaging for many products. This toolbox casing can be 100% recycled, and no plastic has been used.

The Rowenta Eco Intelligence Steam Iron

This isn’t an ordinary ironing device. It’s designed to help reduce the amount of power that comes from your iron, which means it is more energy efficient. The device features an automatic shut-off and a time setting to help you save time while ironing. Recently, a designer by the name of Saksham Mahajan created an iron made mostly out of bamboo. 

Saksham envisioned an amazing product that is almost completely recyclable. A partnership made with Rowenta would result in a top-of-the-range iron that is even safer for the environment.

The Suma Smart Shower by Hansgrohe 

Suma is a smart shower that helps you reduce your water consumption by up to 80%. It comes with a companion app, which not only allows you to control the shower but also allows you to track the amount of water that you use. You can set a limit for yourself so that you don’t go over your daily recommended water usage.

It doesn’t only save you money on your water bill; it also helps to save the environment by conserving water. The main features are:

  • Saves 3 liters more per minute compared to other leading green brands.
  • Sleek and modern design to fit any home.
  • Less water equals less energy consumption.
  • A smooth, comfortable, and consistent flow of water.

Environmentally Friendly Biolite CampStove 2+

The stove created by Biolite uses renewable energy to boil water and cook food. This means that it doesn’t have any negative effects on the environment. It features a fan that uses the heat from the stove to generate electricity. This energy can then power and charge small devices such as smartphones.

Smart Design

It’s a great example of how renewable energy can be used to create electricity. This means that it doesn’t produce any harmful gasses that damage the environment like oil or gas stoves do. The stove is also collapsible, so you can easily transport it and store it when you’re not using it.

Biolite Mission

The company aims to empower people from all across Africa and Asia by providing access to clean, renewable energy. These continents and countries are mostly affected by poverty, and many have no access to electricity. Biolite’s vision is to change the lives of 20 million people by the year 2025.

Saatva Memory Foam Loom & Leaf Mattress

This is an eco-friendly mattress that has been designed to be both tough and comfortable for regular use and is built to last for many years. The feel of the mattress is both comfortable and supportive and can provide the perfect level of cushioning for any type of sleeper.  The Saatva Memory Foam Loom & Leaf Mattress features include:

  • Gel-infused foam that is both comfortable and breathable.
  • Antimicrobial cotton sheets to reduce the chance of molding.
  • Firm design with high-density foam for body support.
  • Eco-friendly material construction
  • Lifetime Warranty

Protect the Environment and Your Well-Being

Just as much as nature can degrade due to poor environmental effects such as pollution and waste, so can our health and well-being. Looking out for the future is an important point many tend to discard while thinking everything will still be okay.

Nobody can say what might happen tomorrow; this can hold true for many things, which is why it is also important to have life and health insurance. 

Having insurance is one of the wisest decisions you can make in protecting yourself and your loved ones from unfortunate eventualities. There are so many great companies one can get the best life and health insurance from. Do some research online to find the best life insurance companies, and speak to experts before making your decision. 

The elderly can certainly benefit from early insurance since, like a machine, the body can break down because of wear and tear. Nature always finds a way to prevail, and you can do the same by helping yourself instead of being unprepared.

To make plans for the future, it might be a good idea to do research, like checking if medicare cancer options are available. It’s important to take care of yourself just as much as the environment.

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