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Myths And Reality Of The Role Of Insulation In Sustainability

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There are a lot of things you can do to make the world greener. One thing you should do is try to minimize energy consumption in your home. This can play a huge role in reducing our carbon footprint.

Many people think that the best way to make your home more sustainable is to add more insulation. This sounds like it would make sense. If you reduce energy use to heat it, then you will release fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere. But is this true? How green of a solution is insulation?

The Reality of Using Insulation to Create a More Eco-friendly Home

An attic is more than just a storage space. It plays a major role in regulating the temperature of your house. For this purpose, attic insulation is essential to seal any gaps that might permit the outside air, which can lead to uncontrollable indoor temperature. Moreover, it also closes gaps to prevent moisture build-up or pest’s infestation.

So, it is vital to keep your insulation in mint condition. Here are some ways in which new installation can improve your house and make it more efficient.

1. Reduces Utility Bills

As mentioned earlier, insulation plays a key role in controlling your home’s temperature. During summers attic insulation helps to trap cool temperatures and resist outside temperature.

Similarly, during the winter months the heat generated by the HVAC system is trapped by the attic, preventing heat loss. This helps in maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

Reduced energy loss translates into reduced utility bills. If your home is under-insulated or uninsulated, then consider upgrading your insulation for better energy savings.

2. Improves Air Quality

Old or poor insulation can cause air leaks leading to moisture build up and accumulation of other pollutants like dirt, mold or mildew. Since your attic plays a major role in air circulation in your home, it can compromise the air quality. This can also cause respiratory problems and other health issues.

Proper attic insulation will enable your home to have toxin-free and clean air. Replacing your old insulation with new insulation will also get rid of any pollutants that might have accumulated and gone unnoticed over the years.

3. Reduces Temperature Fluctuations

Under-insulation or lack of insulation can cause major fluctuations in temperature of your home. It can drastically become too cold or too hot as the temperature changes outside.

With new insulation you can avoid this problem as it will help your house keep a constant temperature that won’t be affected by the temperature changes outside. Also, an efficient insulation system won’t require constant adjustment of your HVAC systems to incorporate outside temperature changes.

4. Safer Home Structure

Attics are prone to get quite hot. This intense heat buildup can crack the shingles on your roof or soften the plywood on your deck. You can avoid these structural damages by investing in insulation for your attic, which will enable better heat control.

And as mentioned earlier, insulation also prevents moisture that can seep through the roof and erode your walls. This issue cannot be detected immediately and will cause gradual but permanent damage to your home. So, make sure your attic is not under-insulated.

5. Strain on HVAC Systems

A poorly insulated home means that your heating and cooling devices have to work extra hard at maintaining comfortable temperatures. This task of regulating drastically fluctuating temperatures can cause frequent wear and tear to your HVAC systems.

In case the HVAC system breaks down, lack of attic insulation can make your home uninhabitable.

A proper insulation for your attic along with an efficient HVAC system will help you maintain comfortable temperatures all year long.

So, to conclude, get your attic insulation inspected to make sure it is doing its job. The right insulation will improve the efficiency and comfort of your house. You can hire professionals for easy and economical insulation removal and replacement. You can reach out to insulation experts and get attic projects service for reliable attic insulation.

Insulation Can Be a Good Way to Save the Environment

There are a lot of ways to help the environment. One of the best options is to add more insulation to your house. This will reduce the amount of energy you need to consume to heat it.

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