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Sustainability Trend Drives Roofing Market Growth By 4% A Year

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Sustainability is a growing concern to countless Americans. Global News Wire writes that the home repair industry will grow to $1.2 billion within the next six years. One of the biggest reasons for this growth is the demand for more sustainable home improvements. Sustainable roofing is one of the biggest changes.

What Factors Are Driving the Demand for Sustainable Roofing and Other Green Home Repairs

At some points, many homeowners have to replace their roofs. Heat, rain, cold, snow, and sometimes the wind, hail, and sleet affect the material of the roof. Most people, look for roofing material that are affordable, durable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly.

The market for environmentally friendly solutions is growing at a surprising clip. MarketWatch published a study showing that the demand for sustainability has caused home improvement sales to grow by 4% a year. There are many eco-friendly options to select from depending on material, preference, cost, and design.

Some Roofers Are Finally Offering Green Solutions

The type of roof on your home plays a significant role as far as your home’s aesthetics and durability are concerned. There are several types of roofing material that we can choose for our homes. However, when it comes to installing a roof, asphalt roofing shingles are a great option. It gives a homeowner an affordable, well, and beautiful roofing solution.

Some roofing materials are difficult to install, but this type of roofing material has easy installation. Some shingles come in light colors and consume less energy compared to others. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly because you can recycle it easily. Asphalt Shingles durability level is higher than other roofing material. These shingles are designed to offer resistance against snow, heat, rain, and many other factors.

Standing Seam Roof

Standing seam roof is one another best option for roofing. It will last for a long period you can even say its durability is two times more than shingles. Standing seam roofs and metal roofs are manufactured out of copper, steel, and aluminum, so we have multiple options to choose from. These roofs require very little or no maintenance care over the years. Standing seam roofs can even withstand winds up to 135 miles per hour if it is installed correctly.

Standing seam roofs have the properties to resist against fire and will not collapse due to snow load or heavy water. The one more benefit of installing this type of roofs is that they are available in different colors and you can select it according to your home architecture.

Corrugated Roof

It is better to install a corrugated roofing system if you are living in an area where rainfall is higher than other areas in your region. It helps to get rid of water and snow quickly. Corrugated roof material also produces less noise as compared to other materials. A corrugated steel or aluminums roof has more durability, and its lightweight nature is one of the most prominent properties. Most homeowner prefers it more due to its durability, long lifespan, and as it is less expensive than other types.

Clay Tiles Roof

Clay roofing is the most eco-friendly option. It is an ideal design for homes with Mediterranean or Spanish styles. It is the most suitable choice for many homeowners. Clay roof can last for many years, but it needs maintenance care to keep the roof in good condition. It offers insulating properties as it helps to retain the inside temperature cooler in summer and warm in winter.


Most roofing projects are not as easy as we think. Installing a roof always need a professional because a layperson cannot manage it. Thorough Roofing Company offers plenty of services like roof repairs, installation of roof, free roof inspection, and many other valuable services to clients. So, it would be better to hire a professional because it ensures quality and quick result.