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Tips to Improve Your Diet



Summertime is here, and many of us are hoping to shed some weight before going on holiday. If you’ve tried to lose weight before but haven’t succeeded, it’s time to change the way you’re going about your weight loss goals. Here are some simple tips to help you achieve weight loss naturally and without going on a restrictive diet.

Drink Plenty of Water

Many people mistake thirst for hunger. To avoid eating mindlessly during these long summer days, make sure to keep a water bottle with you at all times. A one-litre water bottle with a handle is easy to take with you everywhere, and you can sip to your heart’s desire. It’s also thought that drinking at least 17 ounces of water can increase your metabolic rate by up to 30%.

Display Healthy Foods

If you want to start eating more fruits or nuts, try placing them in a prominent, easily visible location within your home. If you have a lovely bowl of fresh fruit on your coffee table, you’re more likely to snack on an apple than raiding the pantry for processed snacks.

Eat Less Meat

A healthy diet can absolutely involve small portions of meat, but you should try to reduce your intake of animal protein if you’re used to consuming meat with every meal. These changes can be very small and take place over time. For example, if you usually have eggs and bacon for breakfast, try eating a bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh fruit a few times a week. You don’t have to cut out meat entirely, but eating less, especially red meat, will have a big health benefit.

Keep a Diary

If your biggest downfall when it comes to eating healthfully is going overboard with snacks, keeping a food diary might be a great way for you to stay motivated and accountable. You can use a notebook, the notes section on your phone, or go out and purchase a dedicated food diary. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you’re able to write down what you’re eating each day. At the end of each day, or even each week, go back and take a look at what you’ve eaten. Having it all laid out before you can assist you in finding your problem areas.

Find Healthy Alternatives

If you eat a lean turkey sandwich every day but you can’t give up the mayo, try looking for an alternative. Hampton Creek makes a delicious eggless mayo that tastes as great as the original without the unhealthy calories and cholesterol. In addition to mayo, they also make healthier alternatives to salad dressing and cookie dough. If any of these foods are your weakness, try the healthier versions and see if they’ll become a staple in your life to help you cut calories.

Stay Away From Frying

Instead of eating fried foods, try grilling, baking, or broiling your foods instead. Foods prepared in healthier ways still taste great, but you’ll avoid the unhealthy oil and fat that comes with fried foods.

Use Smaller Plates

Bigger plates often lead to overeating, as people tend to fill up the plate entirely. Portion control can be difficult to master, but using a small plate can help you feel like you’re eating a large amount of food. When you use smaller plates and bowls, you’ll be getting the appropriate amount of food, while still feeling satisfied.

Indulge Occasionally

Many people who start on a diet are terrified of going back to their old ways, and they adopt a rigid system that’s hard to maintain for the long-term. Remember that it’s okay to enjoy your favourite foods once in a while, and don’t go overboard restricting yourself. There’s room for any food in a healthy diet, as long as you continue your good habits for the majority of the time.


If you’re ready to clean up your diet in order to tackle your weight loss goals, now is the perfect time to change your lifestyle. Make sure to keep a big bottle of water with you to encourage plenty of hydration, seek out healthy alternatives for high-calorie foods like mayo and dressing, and try to slowly reduce your intake of animal protein. Also, remember to treat yourself to whatever food you’re craving every so often to avoid feeling burnt out from eating clean most of the week. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals.


Green Weddings Trend: Why 70% of Newlyweds Are Going Green



A couple of months ago, my best friend got married to her new husband. They are both very eco-conscious people, so they decided to have a unique twist on their wedding. They asked for the following:

  • They arranged a carpool with their friends.
  • They didn’t have any balloons. Instead they used umbrellas.
  • They used plant materials instead of plastic confetti.
  • My friend insisted her husband not purchase a diamond. In addition to being ecologically conscious, she didn’t like the idea of having a stone that was used in conflict zones.

My friends aren’t the only ones making these changes. In fact, nearly a quarter of all newlyweds are organizing green weddings.

Green Weddings Are Becoming the Norm

People are more concerned about green living than ever before. They are trying to incorporate environmental protectionist ideas into every facet of their lives, even the most intimate, such as marriage. A growing number of people are trying to have green weddings, which can make a big difference in reducing their carbon footprint.

How much of a difference can this make? Here are some statistics to bear in mind:

There are a number ofreasons that green weddings are becoming more important. Here are a few.

People Are More Worried About Environmental Preservation than Ever Before

Green living in general is becoming a greater concern for most people. Even younger conservatives are breaking from their older counterparts by insisting on fighting climate change. According to a poll from Pew Research earlier this year, 75% of Americans say that they are very concerned about protecting the environment. Having green weddings is a good way to act on this concern.

One of the biggest changes people are making is using recycled products for their green weddings. This is explained by the research from Pew:

“Overall, 32% of U.S. adults say they are bothered a lot by people throwing away things that could be recycled. Roughly six-in-ten Americans (61%) who say they always try to live in ways that protect the environment say it bothers them “a lot” when others throw away things that could be recycled. Among those who are less focused on environmental protection, only a quarter say it bothers them a lot when others don’t recycle. People who are environmentally conscious are also twice as likely as others to say that seeing someone incorrectly putting trash in recycling bins bothers them a lot (42% vs. 21%).”

Indifferent Politicians Are Driving them to Take More Initiative

Many politicians in power have been very hesitant to take action on climate change. Many of them have openly stated that it is a hoax. These politicians are forcing people to do what they can in their own lives to make a difference. Making small changes, such as hosting green weddings, is a great way to improve the environment without waiting for political momentum.

Cost and Simplicity

A couple of the biggest reasons that people want to host green weddings have nothing to do with their concern for the environment. Running green weddings is simply cheaper and simpler than having a massive, traditional one. One of the biggest changes is that they are buying green engagement rings from the best brands.

Green Weddings Are the Future

Green weddings have become very popular over the past few years. They will probably account for close to 90% of all marriages by 2025. People that are planning to get married should look into the benefits and plan accordingly.

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Green Tech Start-Ups: Are they the Future?



Endless innovations are occurring in green companies, reinventing the industries they belong to. Gradually, they are beginning to amass more success and popularity. Consequently, these factors serve as a good indicator for green technology businesses, and their development must begin somewhere.

Green tech start-ups boast a wide array of opportunities for the economy and environment, while boosting recruitment openings with valuable services. While the technology industry is littered with high revenues and competition, the green tech start-ups are the clear sign of a cleaner future.

Fulfilling a Genuine Need

Many tech companies will market themselves as the ultimate tech giants to shift stock and make profit. As they all vie for attention through warped corporate rhetoric, there is only one ethical winner; the start-up green tech company.

Some argue that mainstream tech businesses have grown far too big, branching out into other industries and standing between the consumer and practically everything they do. However, green tech start-ups go beyond the shallow ambitions of a company, answering a call to sincerely help the customer and climate in any way they can. Of course, this is an attractive business model, putting customers at ease as they contribute to a humanitarian cause that is genuine through and through.

After all, empathy is a striking trait to have in business, and green tech start-ups maintain this composure by their very nature and purpose.

Creating Opportunities

Despite the pursuits for clean energy still needing more awareness, green tech is an area that is ripe for contribution and expansion. There’s no need to copy another company or be a business of cheap knockoffs; green tech start-ups can add a new voice to the economy by being fresh, fearless and entrepreneurial.

Technology is at its most useful when it breaks new ground, an awe that eco-friendly innovations have by default in their operations. Of course, green tech start-ups have the chance to build on this foundation and create harmony instead of climate crisis. Ultimately, the tech advancements are what revolutionise clean energy as more than an activist niche, putting theory into practice.

Despite the US gradually becoming more disengaged with green technology, others such as China and Canada recognise the potential in green technology for creating jobs and growth in their respective economies. The slack of others spurs them on, which creates a constant influx of prospects for the green tech sector. Put simply, their services are always required, able to thrive from country to country.

A Fundamental Foresight

Mainstream technology can seem repetitive and dull, tinkering with what has come before rather than turning tech on its head. Since 2011, technology has been accused of stagnation, something which the internet and petty app services seem to disguise in short reaching ideas of creativity.

However, green tech start-ups aren’t just winging it, and operate with a roadmap of climate change in the years ahead to strategize accordingly. In other words, they aren’t simply looking to make a quick profit by sticking to a trend, but have the long-term future in mind. Consequently, the green tech start-up will be there from the very start, building up from the foundational level to only grow as more and more people inevitably go green.

They can additionally forecast their finances too, with the ability to access online platforms despite the differing levels of experience, keeping them in the loop. Consequently, with an eye for the future, green tech startups are the ones who will eventually usher in the new era.

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