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Slash Your Environmental Footprint On Your Trip To The Philippines

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The demand for sustainable travel options has risen sharply in recent years. Travel Agent Central has researched the state of green tourism. They have found that 87% of tourists want to travel in an environmentally responsible way.

However, people don’t always know how to be a green tourist. This is especially true for people visiting The Philippines. The small Pacific country is investing in ecotourism, but that is creating a paradox of its own. This means it is up to you, the tourist, to make smart green decisions.

Consider Your Green Tourism Options When You Visit The Philippines

The Philippines has some of the most beautiful islands in the world and is a popular destination for tourists. Despite being composed of over 7,000 islands, most tourism is concentrated on a handful of islands. These islands have unfortunately had their fair share of environmental problems because of the sheer number of visitors and government inaction.

Boracay, once the most famous island destination in the Philippines, was shut down to tourism for 6 months by the government in 2018 because of how terribly it had been trashed. It has thankfully been reopened with new regulations in place to ensure it doesn’t reach the same problematic level.

However, as an eco-friendly traveler, does this mean you should avoid the Philippines altogether? Tourism has certainly done a lot of harm to the island nation, but there are ways to visit without being a part of the problem.

Plan your trip to the Philippines, and book ground and sea transportation tickets online to get to the islands that call out to you. Follow these tips.

Mind your modes of transportation

When you go to a country like the Philippines, you probably want to see a number of different islands. The problem is that the impact of your travel builds up. Some locations, like the stunning town of El Nido, will require you to take multiple flights and a six hour car ride just to get there. It’s worth the effort, but is it worth the environmental impact?

It can be. If you plan your trip carefully, you can cut down on the number of flights, and fly into the area so that you can avoid the car ride altogether. However, this does require compromise. It means that instead of visiting Puerto Princesa, for example, on your way to El Nido, you’ll have to stick to El Nido. It’s not too much of a compromise, as El Nido is incredible, but this is the kind of sacrifice you will be making.

Island hopping is fun, but if you can’t find environmentally friendly ways to do it, it may be better to choose another option.

Avoid the most crowded destinations

This will do a lot for your sanity, while ensuring you do your part in protecting the country from too many tourists. Boracay is now open, and visitors are flocking there once more, but even with its new regulations, consider skipping it. Instead, find an island or town with fewer tourists but plenty of natural beauty.

Cebu and Bohol are good options. Cebu is a rather big island, and is easy to get to. It is also an ideal center for flights to other islands. Bohol, on the other hand, is tiny. If you get cabin fever easily, choose a place like Cebu. There is so much to see and many adventures to be had.

Palawan is another excellent option. It is where the aforementioned Puerto Princesa and El Nido are found. El Nido is getting ever busier, but Puerto Princesa is still relatively niche. You can do quite a lot there as well, including a day-trip to neighboring islands. There are also stunning beaches in and around the town itself!

You Can Still Embrace Green Tourism in The Philippines

There are a lot of things that you can keep in mind when you become an ecotourist to the Philippines. It is a great country to visit with lots to offer. Fortunately, you don’t need to harm the environment in the process.

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