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Looking back at… Top ecotourism destinations



From idyllic beaches to spectacular mountains, Blue & Green’s top ecotourism destinations listed places to visit whilst considering sustainability.

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1. Puerto Rico – The Caribbean archipelago is home to many diverse species of fauna and flora and offers amazing eco-tours to travellers wishing to enjoy its tropical natural beauty in a sustainable way. Read more.

2. Palau, Pacific Ocean – Palau is the tiny Pacific state that has decided to fight climate change through sustainable tourism. Read more.

3. Denmark – Denmark is often hailed as one of the greenest countries in the world and, thanks to the care and attention it gives the environment, it is an ideal location for those wishing to enjoy the outdoors. Read more.

4. Lapland – Lapland is a region extending across Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia that offers spectacular natural landscapes. As one of the places worst hit by climate change, ecotourism has proved a valuable way of preserving this fragile environment. Read more.

5. Hawaii – The US state, a dream destination for those wanting some peace and a place to relax in the Pacific, has become a leader in green tourism, promoting eco-friendly activities and structures. Read more.

6. Scotland – Scotland is a charming close-to-home destination for those enjoying the outdoor and wanting to see spectacular nature. Read more.

7. Blue Mountains, Australia – Located less than 2 hours drive from Sydney, the Blue Mountains offer an exciting holiday destination for responsible travellers who wish to enjoy the Australian wilderness. Read more.

8. Costa Rica – Costa Rica is one of the world’s most loved green destinations, thanks to stunning natural landscapes that have not been damaged by reckless touristic development, and various tours and activities that travellers can enjoy. Read more.

9. Røros, NorwayRøros, in the Norwegian county of Sør-Trøndelag, used to be an iconic mining town, famous for its copper reserves and is now “a place of whispering history”. Read more.

10.  Aspen, US – Aspen, located in Colorado’s Pitkin County, is a former mining town turned into a popular tourist destination that offers spectacular walks and landscapes and a number of recreational activities. Read more.

11. Fiji Islands – Fiji has one of the strongest economies in the Pacific Ocean region, thanks largely to its tourism sector that promotes the island’s natural beauty and precious coral reefs. Read more.

12. Portland, Oregon – Portland has been defined the greenest city in America, thanks to its efforts to promote sustainable businesses, recycling, sustainable eating and transport. Read more.

13. Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal between India and Myanmar is the perfect destination for travellers keen to explore a unique ecosystem. Read more.

14. Cusco, Peru – Cusco is a city located in south-east Peru, once the ancient capital of the Inca Empire and today a popular tourist destination for its cultural and natural heritage. Read more.

Photo: stokes rx via Flickr