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Top ecotourism destinations: Denmark

josef.stuefer via flickr

Denmark is often hailed as one of the greenest countries in the world and, thanks to the care and attention it gives the environment, it is an ideal location for those wishing to enjoy the outdoors.

Denmark and its capital Copenhagen are often praised when it comes to sustainability, infrastructure, lifestyle and energy.

High taxes on petrol and cars make the country pedestrian and cyclist friendly – tourists can benefit from a free bike-sharing programme – while the abundance of wind makes it a global leader in the clean energy sector.

Irene Lane, founder of Greenloons Eco Travel Blog, wrote of the capital, “Personally, I have never visited a city so environmentally conscious. From carbon neutral taxis to taxi bikes to eco-labeled hotels to specially designated bike and pedestrian paths that surround the city, Copenhagen is a wonderful mix of history, maritime industry, business, culture, and tourism.”

While Copenhagen is a popular destination for its restaurants, architecture and notable spots and attractions such as Tivoli Gardens, the Freetown Christiania and Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, the rest of the country has much more to offer.

Visitors can explore Denmark’s many small islands to find traditional fishing villages and sandy beaches, at Bornholm island or the charming chalk cliffs and gardens of Møn island.

Samsø island is also a very eco-friendly location, with its 3,806 inhabitants generating 100% of their electricity from wind. The island has also become a leader in sustainable and ecological agriculture.

Responsible and eco-friendly travellers can benefit from a varied range of eco-lodge, farmstays and campsites that endorse environmentally responsible practices.

Photo: josef.stuefer via flickr

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