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eco-friendly travel tips from memphis airport eco-friendly travel tips from memphis airport


3 Eco-Friendly Transportation Options from Memphis Airport

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Sustainability is becoming a lot more important for travelers all over the world. We recently published an article teaching people how to be eco-friendlier when flying.

If you are traveling to Memphis, you are going to want to find the greenest options when traveling from the airport. You probably don’t think of Tennessee as being one of the states that is most committed to sustainability. However, you are going to find a lot of eco-friendly travel options that you can explore.

Sustainable Travel Tips for People Flying into Memphis

Are you looking for eco-friendly ways to get to your destination after flying into Memphis Airport? We know how important pre-booked transportation is, and want you to have the best one. There are several really good options for you to choose from.

Memphis is becoming more focused on sustainability these days. In fact, the city just launched a More for Memphis program that can help citizens and businesses do their part to make the community greener.

You are going to want to do more to lower your carbon footprint when traveling to Memphis. However, you will also need to decide what is more convenient. There are some great budget options and some more expensive ones. All of the ones listed below are reasonably eco-friendly.

You can rent a luxury car or just use a means of public transport. But usually, public transport is almost inaccessible in Memphis, so you will have to use your judgment, Read below in detail!

1.  Memphis Airport Shuttle Service

The Memphis Airport Shuttle Service is reasonably eco-friendly. You will share space with other passengers, so you can all collectively lower your carbon footprint.

Look around to find instant airport shuttle quotes at Memphis airport. Pick any suitable quote that matches your budget. These coaches or buses are frequently provided with more baggage space and customized branding. The disadvantage of this option is that you have to share the space with other travelers, and as we all know it’s not always pleasurable. Also, it may from time to time require you to make stops at drop-off locations before your destination. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry, because shuttles with shared space have a limit of approximately 7 drop-off points.

Shuttle services guarantee that event activities run more smoothly, conveniently, and efficiently. With predetermined route times, pick-up locations, and fleet allocations, you can avoid dealing with difficulties such as guest or employee tardiness, parking challenges, and lost directions.

Did you know that you can use your hotel’s complimentary airport shuttle? Go to the official website of Memphis airport to watch whether your airport is listed there. If yes, you’re lucky to be spared from the unnecessary fuss and spending.

2. Get a taxi from an eco-friendly company

A taxi can be very helpful, especially when you forgot to arrange your transfer. This quick way helps out, but you still should be aware of the reputation each taxi company has and look at the ratings of a specific driver. Using well-known services like Uber or Lyft leaves no room for doubt about the overall quality, but the case-by-case basis shouldn’t be denied.

You will also want to look at the sustainability ratings of different taxi companies. You can check the Green Business Bureau to see which ones are eco-friendliest.

Many services that have their own apps do not call a driver directly. Therefore, it simplifies the process. Usually, you need to indicate your location and the destination you’re going to. After that, you could add your bank card and the money will be debited automatically. Or you are free to use cash. Read the useful article on how to pick the best travel credit card. If you have lots of luggage pay attention to what car will pick you up. As a rule, you can choose among the available car types to accommodate all your things for sure.

Don’t forget that is important to note the driver if you have any delay or cancellation.

3. Think about an eco-friendly rental vehicle

We have mentioned in the past that there are a lot of eco-friendly vehicles on the market. There are a lot of benefits of driving eco-friendly cars. You may want to try renting one if you can.

So, you get to this point because you’ve probably decided the previous aren’t exactly good for you, or you are just interested and want to finish reading this article. Anyway, let’s see how a rental car could be better. You should be able to find an electric car that will have a lower carbon footprint.
First of all, we recommend you consider using 14cars services, where you could get inexpensive car rental as well as luxury car rental in Memphis. Why these? They provide you with a wide variety of cars, no matter whether you’re going for a BBQ or camping. That’s why it’s easy to find the transfer method that best meets your needs and budget. You could rent SUVs, minivans, pickups, and much more. Even if you don’t know which car type would be best for your occupation consultants are always glad to help out with it.

A rental car provides a lot of opportunities: you manage to see everything, travel in comfort, and don’t bother about public transport schedule or something else that could make your trip less enjoyable. Experience USA cars for rent!

We pointed out possible variants for you. Hope it was useful. Choose a reliable, eco-friendly transport service provider and stay safe!

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