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find eco-friendly hotels to stay at in Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project find eco-friendly hotels to stay at in Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project


8 Eco-Friendly Hotels in The Red Sea Project In Saudi Arabia

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Are you looking to become an eco-friendly tourist? One of the things that you need to do is look for eco-friendly hotels to stay in. You will find some great sustainable tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, so should plan on staying there if you have the chance.

The Red Sea Project is a one-of-a-kind prestigious regenerative tourism undertaking. It has been so designed to give the global traveler an experience of diversity in culture, and luxury that cannot be found anywhere else.

The time set aside for it to be fully completed is 2030. The area that it will cover is 10,800 square miles on Saudi Arabia’s west coast covering about 90 islands, deserts and mountain landscapes. The key concept is the setting which is against the backdrop of islands belonging to a lagoon, immersed by fabulous natural surroundings and ancient culture. Out of the many islands, nine are marked out as special conservation zones for the purpose of protecting animals, birds and plants that are native to this region. The project also looks into new technologies such as 3D coral printing and coral farming processes to help coral populations grow.

This project is managed and implemented by the Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), as part of its development, there will be 12 of the 16 hotel brands coming up, many of which are currently under development as part of the first phase of development. Once the project is over, it is expected to host about one million visitors annually. It seeks to promote tourism on the concept of sustainability and eco-friendliness, so the hotels and resorts will have features that promote such concepts.

Eight Eco-Friendly Hotels In The Red Sea Project In Saudi Arabia

You always want to look for eco-friendly hotels whenever you are traveling abroad. You can follow some of the other tips we shared before, but it is a good idea to read further to learn more about finding them in Saudi Arabia specifically.

The purpose of this project is to unlock new opportunities for economic, cultural and social promotion in Saudi Arabia.  It is to include many hotels and fabulous residential buildings, modern leisure amenities and stunning entertainment venues.

Book into the most beautiful chalets, hotels or resorts to enjoy a fine time in this fabulous Kingdom, enjoy its modernity and also relish in its many traditions and cultural spaces.  Here is a look at eight eco-friendly hotels in the Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia which are constructed and designed according to  ethical investment and socially-responsible living ideology:

1.      Grand Hyatt: The Red Sea – This is going to be one of the most prestigious projects of the Hyatt group of hotels. The hotel is to be situated on the west coast of Shaura Island and the rooms here will offer a fabulous view of the surrounding mountains.  Accommodation will be in the form of large standard rooms and also suites. The hotel’s architecture will represent a coral blooms design.  It is possible to view ancient heritage sites and access to them due to the hotel’s location is also easy. It will have an eighteen-hole golf course and also an exclusive marina.

2.      Fairmont Hotels & Resorts – This is yet another majestic hotel that is going to come about on Sahura island and the mastermind behind it is the Accor.  Accor is a leading hospitality group that has built 400 Plus hotels in regions like Africa, the Middle East, Asia etc. It is seeking a foothold in Saudi Arabia through the Fairmont Red Sea, thus becoming part of the prestigious landmark The Red Sea Project (TRSP). It is a hotel with 200 rooms, various food & beverage outlets, a large area for meetings, banquets, a spa, a greenhouse, 18 hole golf course and much more.

3.      InterContinental and Six Senses from IHG Hotels & Resorts – This luxury hotel bought by Foster + Partners, to Shaura island is featuring 210 rooms and suites where world-class hospitality is offered to guests.  They will be facing the sea giving a fabulous view of it. Some of the other features here include seven dining outlets, various types of recreational facilities, majestic pools of varying sizes, a health club, a spa and also an entertainment space where events can be held.

4.      Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts – The Jumeirah Group is going to establish a luxury hotel in the red sea, with 170 rooms and suites, with beautiful rooms, suites which offer a fabulous view of the shoreline.  Guests will be treated to utmost luxury, the finest of facilities and grand environments where they can enjoy and relax. Everything here ranging from restaurants to the wellness center and entertainment options will be world-class giving the finest experience.

5.      The Red Sea EDITION Hotels – The Red Sea EDITION Hotel is to be established by Marriott International, Inc, in Shaura island and it is expected to open in 2023.  They redefine luxury and will have beautiful two or three-bedroom suites and 240 guestrooms. it will also include a restaurant, beach bar, swimming pool, fitness center, and spa.   The design and style of this property will reflect the country’s cultural and social milieu.

6.      Six Senses Southern Dunes – It is expected to open on Shaura Island in 2023. This 76 hotel will be beautiful and classic in its interior styling, fitted with the latest guest facilities and amenities. It is also going to have clusters of villas that range from one to four-bedroom ones.  Rooms offer a spectacular view of the oasis’s surroundings. Enjoy at the all-day dining restaurant and you can also indulge in some cooking at its cooking school. Spacious rooms, modern entertainment, spa, fitness, gym, large rooms for meetings, vast swimming pools and many recreational opportunities.

7.      SLS Red Sea – It will feature some of the most beautiful, elegant suites and villas.  It is going to have 150 rooms, each well furnished, and fitted with state-of-the-art guest amenities. There will be 12 suites and 15 pool one, two, three and four bedroom spacious villas with a private swimming pool. This project is going to span 800,000 square feet.

8.      St Regis Red Sea Resort – This expansive resort is to have 90 villas, two signature restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, a pool and also a kids’ play area. It is a grand resort, set to open in 2023 and featuring some of the best comforts and luxuries that enable guests to relax and enjoy a haven of comforts like none other.

With so many more such hotels going to be opened by hotel groups, it is no wonder that visitors from all across the world will come here for vacationing and having a nice time with their families. Look into any of the lovely chaletsand other similar luxury accommodations available here to book the space needed for staying and enjoying an adventurous time here.