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Exploring the Popularity and Positive Aspects of RVing



RVing is a great American pastime that’s as popular as ever – especially since gas prices dropped. Traveling by RV instantly takes you back to the heyday of American road trips when the highway system was new and people were experiencing a new sense of freedom.

Many people love the idea of RVing but think that it’s out of their reach. Just because you don’t currently own an RV doesn’t mean that making a trip this spring or summer is out of the realm of possibility.

You can always rent, and owning an RV is much easier than most people realize. Motorhome finance options are better than ever before. Super low-interest rates below 3.6% can make owning your own RV even more affordable than renting. Keep reading to see why this is a great investment for anyone that loves a little adventure.

Benefits of RVing Over Other Travel Options

Traveling by RV may take more time than flying, but that’s the point. You don’t have to rush around. Instead, travel leisurely like your grandparents did back in their day. There’s a lot to love about this nostalgic form of travel.

– Extremely affordable – travel and lodging all in one low cost!

– The whole family is together making memories even while going from one stop to the next.

– Much more comfortable than being cooped up in a car.

– It’s like a home away from home – including maintaining your sustainable lifestyle.

– Get to see the countryside up close.

– Freedom to change your agenda if you want.

– Flexibility on when you travel instead of having to adjust to someone else’s schedule.

– Less stressful and more convenient because you’re not having to lug luggage around or pack and unpack at each stop.

Time to load up and claim your spot in the RV. Whether it’s your maiden voyage or an annual trip, we’ve got a few great ideas for cruising down one of the country’s classic RV routes.

Take a Trip on One of the Country’s Most Popular RV Routes

The Golden Coast of California is by far one of the most popular treks for RV enthusiasts and first-timers. That’s because there are so many iconic locations and small, quirky spots to see within an easy one to two week RV trip. Not to mention the breathtaking views around every corner.

The Pacific Coast Highway (pictured) is a bucket list trip for just about every road warrior. Here are a few pit spots to make along the way from north to south. You can also choose to work your way up the trail going in the opposite direction.

Fern Canyon Trail

When it’s time to get out and stretch your legs Fern Canyon Trail is an excellent spot. Located at Golden Bluffs Beach in Orick, CA, in just one mile this trail will take you through Lord of the Rings worthy fern-covered gorges, across babbling streams and alongside elk-grazing areas.

Drive Through Redwood Trees . . . Literally

The Avenue of the Giants is arguably the most unique road in the entire U.S. It’s a 31-mile drive through California’s famous redwood forest that includes spots where you can drive through humongous redwood trees. The RV might not fit, but if you’re hauling a car you may want to unhitch it to get the full experience. There are many RV campsites around the area that cater to every type of traveler.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a stunning city that’s expensive to live in, but definitely worth visiting for a few days even if you have to make RV concessions. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz to the Exploratorium hands-on science museum, the whole family will stay entertained. You can plan your trip so that you take U.S. 101 across the Golden Gate Bridge and see it from a new perspective.

Yosemite National Park

After a few days in the city, head 165 miles east of San Francisco to Yosemite National Park. Seeing the towering Bridalveil Fall and the granite cliffs in all their glory is worth venturing away from the coast. The Sierra Nevada is truly a wondrous national treasure, and words certainly can’t do it justice.

Sea Lion Beach at La Jolla Cove

Just north of San Diego, in La Jolla, you’ll find a popular hangout for sea lions. There’s a protected cove that provides an up-close look at these unique creatures in one of their natural habitats. Hundreds of sea lions can keep you entertained, but be prepared for a very strong (not so pleasant) odor.

There’s plenty more to see and do along the 850-mile long coastline of California. Don’t be surprised if you have to plan a second RV trip to take it all in.

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