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Consider These 7 Key Benefits Of Solar Power For RVing

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Many RVers rely on a gas-powered generator, while a few depend on natural gas generators. However, there are a number of benefits to switching to solar energy instead. In fact, you may want to supplement your generator with solar panels for many of the same reasons. But let’s look at the 7 benefits of rv solar energy power.

1. The Cost Savings

Solar panels may cost money upfront, but they can save you money over the long term. You won’t need to buy fuel to power your generator if you can rely on solar power. You may avoid calling a tow service because you ran out of gas, since you ran the engine constantly to power your RV’s air conditioner or used up all your spare fuel running the generator.

You may save money when camping because you can park in the cheap dry campsites instead of the expensive ones with water and power.

2. The Flexibility It Provides

Carrying solar panels can give you flexibility. If you drove to a campsite in your RV, you may be able to take one or more solar panels to a more remote site for tent camping. Now you can power your lights and cell phone. When you reach a campground, you can choose any camping spot you want as long as your RV fits.

You’re not limited to the slots where they have power connects or whether you can back in the RV where you can connect to the power grid. And solar panels on the RV could be used to power essentials in your home when you get back from your road trip.

3. The Safety Factor

Solar power, either by itself or as a supplement to your generator, can improve your overall safety. Solar panels will almost always be able to recharge smart phone or other electronics needed to contact help, and they’ll work even if you ran out of gas. Solar power doesn’t create the toxic fumes generators do, either.

This is invaluable if you’re parking the RV in a partially enclosed space, such as when you’re surrounded by other vehicles or parked in an alley.

4. The Silence

Solar power is silent. This provides a number of benefits. If you’re camping in the wilderness, the silence makes it easier to sleep. It also lets animals feel comfortable with you there, letting you get closer to nature because it isn’t fleeing the noise.

If you’re camping in a parking lot next to other tailgaters, your neighbors will appreciate the fact that your generator isn’t keeping them up at night. Nor will you add to the noise level of the RV park.

5. The Improved Security

Switching from a gas or natural gas-powered generator to solar power improves your security in a variety of ways. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your gas cans or the generator itself. You also won’t attract attention to yourself.

If you’re staying in an RV while parked on the side of the road or staying in a parking lot, the silence of the solar panels means you won’t have security or the police knocking on the door telling you to leave. They may not even realize the vehicle is occupied.

6. The Reduced Ecological Footprint

One of the biggest points in favor of any renewable energy source is the how it helps reduce your ecological footprint. When you use solar panels, you aren’t consuming carbon-based fuels to keep your lights on or check your smart phone. A side benefit is that you can enjoy nature without feeling guilty for your impact on it.

7. The Weight and Space Saved

Solar power could save you two things RVers in particular value – space and weight. Several lightweight solar panels could weigh less than an equivalent generator, and you won’t have to bother with the space and weight taken up by several gas cans to fuel it.

In the case of roof mounted solar panels, you won’t have to sacrifice precious storage space to power your RV or recharge the house batteries.

Choose the Right Solar Solutions for Your RV!

Whether you want to supplement the power created by your generator or want to dispense with the generator altogether, solar panels should be your first choice.


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