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Rushing to Work by Pavlina Jane via Flickr Rushing to Work by Pavlina Jane via Flickr


Health Benefits of “Active Travel” Welcomed by Transport Campaigners in New Report



Campaign for Better Transport responds to the publication of a new Faculty of Public Health report encouraging a shift away from car use in new towns and cities.

The report, Local action to mitigate the health impacts of cars, gives advice to local authorities on how to encourage people to move away from car use and towards using public transport, walking and cycling when planning new towns and cities.

Bridget Fox, Sustainable Transport Campaigner said:

This important report confirms that the case for sustainable transport is stronger than ever.

“When planning any new town or city development local authorities must make adequate provision for public transport, walking and cycling to ensure our already busy roads do not fill up with even more traffic.

“Getting more people out of their cars won’t just help improve public health but would help tackle climate change, lower congestion and reduce air pollution.

“Local communities must be liberated from the damaging effects of ever growing traffic levels.”