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A Look At Eco Friendly Cars In 2016



Now is the time to start thinking about the environment more seriously, and invest in an eco-friendly car. If you are looking to buy a hybrid or an electric vehicle to help save petrol and the planet then you are in luck, as with 2016 there are now a great deal of variety. After gathering great momentum in 2015 the eco-friendly cars are planning to stay throughout 2016. By investing in an eco-friendly car it will result in reduced emissions, as cars emit not only CO2 emissions which can impact climate change but other pollutants including NOx and particulates which can affect the airs quality.

With several fully crash-tested electric car models now available to the world, having a car with zero-emissions at the point of use is now a realistic option for many. For those of you, not quite ready to move to a fully electric vehicle it is possible to select a plug in hybrid or a low emission hybrid, petrol or diesel car. From hybrid to electric cars here is a detailed list of some of the most environmentally friendly cars that have been showcased this year.


As one of the most popular multinational automobile manufacturers since 1899, Renault has produced a vast range of cars and vans, and now they have many environmentally friendly cars to choose from. The Twizy Cargo electric van has a completely different approach to city driving and if you are looking for low emission the all new all-electric Renault Twizy Cargo is one of the greenest cars available on the market. If you happen to be looking for a new Renault, Glyn Hopkins the Renault dealer for the South East can help you find the ideal vehicle for you. For a more electric Renault car the design ZOE stands out, the electric power brings previously unheard- of levels of quietness and refinement, this model uses the latest technology with an easy-to-use touch screen. Another popular green car in the Renault Clio which offers quality and comfort, ECO versions with different electronic settings for the engine and the CO2 emissions drop to the same level of a hybrid, which is a major step forward.


In 2012 Toyota was deemed the largest automobile manufacturer and since then they have remained increasingly popular and continued to produce innovative vehicles. This year showcases the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, which offers its owners a combination of space and efficiency. This model delivers when it comes to good fuel economy, ultra-low CO2 emissions and has up to 15.5 miles on electric power alone. Toyota has always been leaders in the car manufacturer industry and the Mirai is no different, its name means future in Japanese. It runs solely on hydrogen and its only emissions are water, truly making it the future of vehicles.


Ford is one of the oldest motor companies, and sells some of the most luxury vehicles. This year debuts the new FORD Focus Electric Car which is a great option for those looking for a low emission, economical small family car. This Ford model aims to avoid petrol stations altogether with zero petrol, no oil changes and no CO2 emissions, as it runs on 100 per cent electricity making it one of the greenest cars available this year.


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