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Sustainable transport: Exeter to showcase world’s leading green cars



Some of the world’s leading and most advanced electric and hybrid cars will descend on Exeter next month, where the public will be given the opportunity to test drive top models from the likes of BMW, Lexus and Renault.

The Green Car Showcase is part of the Renewable Energy Marketplace, the south-west’s largest energy event. Members of the public are invited to view and test drive some of the cars on display on April 8.

Models will include the BMW i3; the Tesla Model S; Renault’s Twizy, Kangoo and Zoe; Toyota’s Auris Hybrid and Yaris Hybrid; and models from Lexus.

Kerry Hayes, the organiser, said ”We are thrilled to be giving the public the opportunity to test a wide range of exciting electric and hybrid cars now available from mainstream manufacturers including Tesla, BMW, Renualt, Toyota and Lexus.

“The Green Car Showcase is being held alongside the largest energy event in the south-west, Renewable Energy Marketplace, giving businesses and householders the opportunity to see how to generate their own power and cut costs at the same time.”

The event’s organisers claim that the time has never been better to purchase a green car, with petrol prices rising and the government incentivising the market by providing grants of up to £5,000 against the cost of a new vehicle.

The deputy prime minister Nick Clegg suggested earlier this year that electric and hybrid vehicles were one of the UK’s “most promising” green industries.

Last year, hybrid and electric car registrations were up by 17.5%, and the industry’s sales are expected to soar to £2.8 billion by 2020.

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