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1 in 32,000 business chiefs: Labour threatens Britain’s recovery



In a letter to Conservative-supporting Daily Telegraph, senior executives from 0.003% of active UK companies employing under 2% of working people hail Conservative economic policies which they say show that “the UK is open for business”.

Therefore 99% of business chiefs who represent over 98% of working people didn’t sign the letter. Additionally, the majority of Union leaders who represent the interests of a fifth of working people hail the policies of the party they founded, Labour.

In other news, the Pope is Catholic and bears defecate in the woods.

In our own research Financial Advisers, 46% support the Conservatives and 8% support Labour, LibDems, and Greens respectively. Among our readers, party support currently (1st April) stands as follows:

Current poll-of-polls, see the Conservatives and Labour neck and neck with 34% each.

If you want to check the facts on party policy statements during the election we recommend the independent and the institute for fiscal studies. If you want to know which party has the policies you have most in common with, then we recommend the independent Vote for Policies website.

Photo: Khairil Zhafri via Flickr

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