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£11 billion invested ethically in the UK: infographic analysis



Data released today by responsible investment research firm EIRIS shows that the total value of the UK green and ethical fund market stands at £10.95 billion.

Whilst this figure is 3.4% less than the total invested in June 2011, it marks a £7 billion growth in the sector over the last ten years, as ethical investment continues its rise in prominence.

The value of funds under management in the UK fell by 0.5% in the past year, suggesting that the specialist ethical sector’s decrease in value was more to do with market depreciation than lack of interest.

UK funds under management versus green and ethical funds: by Ben Willers (Click to enlarge)

Over the last decade we’ve seen sustained growth in green and ethical finance, largely driven by consumer interest in issues like climate change, fair trade, human rights and more recently, executive pay”, said Mark Robertson, head of communications at EIRIS and editor of

The credit crunch and on-going financial crisis, plus unethical behaviour at scandal-hit high street banks, is encouraging more people to switch to financial product providers that offer a more ethical, sustainable and long-term approach to finance.”

The figures were released as part of National Ethical Investment Week – an event to encourage more individuals and businesses to opt for ethical, sustainable and responsible investment.

National Ethical Investment Week runs until Saturday, October 20. Join the movement on Twitter using the hashtag #NEIW12.

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