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Bristol: Unique European summit to make the future economy fairer and greener



Bristol is to play host to a Europe-wide summit on the innovative ways people are making a fairer and greener economy. Delegates will be at the summit, at At-Bristol, Harbourside on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 October, to discuss what the future could look like for money, business and cities in a ‘new economy’ that’s fair for all.

The Bristol New Economy Summit 2015 is the first of its kind and hundreds of people are attending from Holland, Spain, Poland and across the UK. High profile speakers include Member of the European Parliament for the South West, Molly Scott-Cato, and Tony Greenham from the Royal Society for Arts.

Ciaran Mundy, CEO of the Bristol Pound who organised the summit, said: “The Bristol Pound has strengthened the economy of Bristol, helping small businesses thrive and money be more fairly distributed. This summit will help people from across Europe explore more ways in which the economy as a whole can be made fairer for people now and future generations.”

During the two-day summit, delegates will hear from a range of speakers who are taking practical steps to create new economic systems that promote well-being and are sustainable. Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, will welcome delegates and highlight Bristol’s place at the centre of the new economy. Delegates will be invited to discuss how to achieve a sustainable economy fit for people and planet.

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