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Global Listed-Infrastructure Fund Launched By Alceda and CBRE Clarion Securities



Today Alceda announces its partnership with CBRE Clarion Securities to launch a new infrastructure fund on its Luxembourg-based UCITS platform. Pan-European investors will be able to access CBRE Clarion’s leading listed infrastructure strategy via a liquid and regulated UCITS vehicle as a result of this partnership.

The CBRE Clarion Funds SICAV – Global Listed Infrastructure Fund invests in a globally diversified portfolio of listed companies that derive a majority of their revenues or profits from the ownership, management, development or operation of long-term infrastructure assets. These assets include toll roads, airports, communication towers, oil and gas pipelines, water distribution pipelines and electric transmission and distribution lines.

The Fund’s strategy draws upon a multi-step investment process that combines top-down research with bottom-up securities selection based on fundamental company analysis. The objective is to offer investors access to higher risk-adjusted returns relative to the broader global equity market.

Alceda, which is part of the Aquila Group, is a leading specialist in structuring solutions for traditional and alternative strategies. The Fund is managed by CBRE Clarion, a leading global investment firm.

Michael Sanders, CEO of Alceda, said: “We are delighted to partner with CBRE Clarion in launching its proven infrastructure strategy onto the European market. Interest for investments in infrastructure has increased significantly over the past decade. This Fund provides investors with an attractive combination of stability, income and growth and enables them to enhance the diversification and return/risk profile of their overall investment portfolios.”

Jeremy Anagnos, CIO of Infrastructure at CBRE Clarion, commented: “Allocating to listed infrastructure is an effective portfolio completion strategy for investors with exposure to unlisted infrastructure and an income-driven option for investors seeking competitive risk-adjusted returns. The listed market provides investors with efficient access to core infrastructure assets yielding attractive dividends and provides the ability to dynamically adjust portfolio exposure to better manage risk and capitalize on market opportunities.”

The Fund, which is set up as a Luxemburg-based UCITS (SICAV) and is licensed for investors in Germany and the UK, is registered with a US-Dollar share class. Further tranches including EUR, GBP and JPY are intended to be added.

A version of the strategy, the CBRE Clarion Global Infrastructure Value Fund, is available to US investors and was awarded four stars by Morningstar after establishing a three-year performance record, making it the third-highest-rated fund among 64 in the rating agency’s infrastructure category.

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