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Grocery sector launches campaign to tackle household food waste



The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) has launched a new initiative to encourage around 650,000 employees at food and grocery companies reducing their household food waste.

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The campaign, called Working on Waste, is realised in cooperation with the Waste Resource Action Programme (Wrap) and aims to target employees as consumers.

The initiative is expected to reach about 650,000 people working at 107 food and grocery companies during the month of October, giving tips and guidance on how to reduce food waste, providing meal planners, waste diaries and leftovers recipes.

In addition, the IGD will also meet with companies, suppliers and competitors to discuss measures to tackle food waste in UK households

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive of the IGD said, “Pivotal to this campaign is inviting companies from across the supply chain to come together under the same roof at our roundtable roadshows to explore all the ways in which the industry can work together in this area.

“I’m thrilled that companies of all sizes are supporting this campaign, demonstrating how serious they are about tackling food waste in homes. Through this scale, collaboration and power of our industry, we have the potential to make a substantial impact collectively in reducing household food waste in the UK.”

Dr Richard Swannell, director at Wrap, added, “Putting the issue of tackling food waste right at the heart of the food industry has led to a significant reduction in what we waste, but there is still 4.2mt of edible food being thrown away from UK homes alone.

“This campaign is a great opportunity to further mobilise action by those who work in the sector, which is good for their pockets and the environment.”

In June, Wrap figures revealed that Britons are throwing away the equivalent of £2.4 billion per year in opened and untouched food.

Previously, data by the UK’s Global Food Security (GFS) suggested that up to 40% of edible food may be refused by shops because it is ‘ugly’.

Photo: Taz via flickr

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