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Seven UK cities receive green deal funding boost



Seven cities across the UK have received a share of £12m from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to help them effectively implement the green deal energy efficiency scheme in their region.

The cities – Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield – are amongst the most forward-thinking in terms of their carbon emission reduction targets, and it’s hoped that by receiving a share of the funding, success in the green deal will be ensured.

These cities have really ambitious plans to lower their emissions, reduce energy use and help people save money on their bills”, said energy secretary, Ed Davey.

I’ve been really impressed by their plans to start testing the green deal and transforming our homes and buildings.

This funding will help them get up and running, and I look forward to seeing a number of properties across whole communities get the energy efficient improvements they need.”

The scheme has come under significant scrutiny in recent months, with some experts questioning whether or not it would be effective.

Chris Farrell, managing director of energy saving specialists Zenex Technologies, highlighted the trouble the green deal was in back in July, but added that low-cost bolt-ons could be crucial in making it a success.

The government’s own impact assessment raised further questions about whether or not the scheme would be worthwhile, after data revealed that the 1m homes that currently get their lofts insulated annually would drop to below 70,000 when the green deal comes into effect. And that figure needs to be around 2m a year to meet climate targets.

But by handing out £12m in funding across seven UK cities, the government is making its stance clear: we’re running with the green deal, and it will be successful.

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