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WWF Scotland Responds to Programme for Government



WWF Scotland director, Lang Banks, has commented on the Programme for Government. 

Banks said: “It was great to hear the First Minister highlight the importance of Scotland’s low-carbon economy as part of her government programme. Commitments to new climate change and warm homes legislation will provide opportunities to bring forward new policies that will put us on track for securing the full benefits of a zero-carbon future. Money for energy efficiency in the First Minister’s post EU Referendum stimulus package is a welcome recognition that tackling cold homes can create jobs, boost the economy and cut our climate emissions.”

Commenting on action to secure Warm Homes, Banks said:

“With thousands of families across the nation wasting cash and carbon heating leaky homes, it’s good to see more detail on Scottish Government’s plans to improve energy efficiency. New funding, a commitment to consult on regulation, and an ambition that a total of £10bn ends up being invested in tackling cold homes, all show the Government recognises action in in this area is good for the economy, jobs and climate. However, the level of funding for the next five years looks to be a slow-start and little more than is invested at the moment.

In advance of the budget this autumn and a forthcoming new energy strategy, we’ll be looking for more detail on this from Scottish Government.

 Commenting on plans for a new Climate Bill, Banks said:

“A new Climate Bill is a very welcome commitment and we hope that MSPs from across the Parliament use it as an opportunity to bring forward new policies that help us secure the benefits of a zero-carbon future. “

 Commenting on plans for a new energy strategy, Banks said:

“Scotland is taking positive steps on renewables all the time, whether its breaking records or developing innovative new technology. So it’s great to hear the Scottish Government setting out plans to develop a new energy strategy that can provide confidence to investors about the future for renewables in Scotland. We’ll be calling on the Scottish Government to use the energy strategy to set a new objective of generating half of all of our energy – across electricity, heat and transport – from renewables by 2030.”