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5 Ways to Prolong Your Gas Boiler’s Life



In general, your gas boiler should last for up to 15 years. Since new boiler installation can be very expensive, you want to do everything in your power to prolong the life of the boiler. There are some things that you cannot control, such as the make and model of the unit. Some are built to last longer than others. There are other things that you can control to get the most use out of your boiler.

Turn On Your Heater During the Summer

If you are like most homeowners, you look forward to the summer months when you don’t need to run your boiler, so that you can save on your energy bills. While running your boiler during the entire summer would be silly and wasteful, you do need to turn it on regularly. Over time, grit can build up in the boiler pump. If it is not used regularly, this can result in an expensive boiler breakdown. During the summer, it is a good idea to turn the heat on for a few minutes at least once a month. This will prolong the lifespan of your boiler.

Be Able to Detect Warning Signs Early

It is important that you can recognize the signs that your boiler needs to be checked and repaired by a professional. The sooner you can recognize the signs, the better. If you wait too long, it can result in a very costly breakdown. Some of these signs include:

– A strong metallic odour

– Leaking water

– Unusual noises

– No heat or not enough heat

Don’t Attempt Boiler Repairs Yourself

With all of the DIY home repair videos online, more and more people are doing their home repairs on their own. While this is fine for some jobs, boiler repairs should not be a DIY project. It takes the knowledge and experience of a professional to properly diagnose and repair the problem. If you attempt the repair yourself, you could do something wrong. This can cause more harm than good.

Run the Boiler Only When Necessary

The harder your boiler needs to work, the shorter its lifespan will be. If you are at work all day and there is nobody at home, you should set your thermostat lower during the day. When you do, your boiler won’t need to be working as hard and you won’t be wasting energy. You can also turn down the boiler at night. When the family is under the blankets sleeping, you won’t need to have the heat. When you give your boiler a little break during the winter, you can prolong its life.

Regular Maintenance is Important

One of the best ways to prolong your boiler’s life is to have a professional boiler maintenance technician come and check your heating system every year. Regular maintenance will ensure that your boiler is operating at the maximum efficiency levels and that is performing properly. You should look at boiler maintenance the same way that you do with your own health. Most people see their doctor each year for a checkup, even if they are feeling fine. You should do the same with your boiler. Even if it doesn’t seem to have any problems, it should still be maintained annually.

If your boiler breaks down in the middle of the winter, it can be very problematical. Having no heat can make living in the home difficult. If you know how to prolong the life of your boiler, you can avoid costly, inconvenient breakdowns.



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