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Top Five Eco-Friendly Boiler Brands of 2021

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Eco-friendly homeowners are becoming a lot more common these days. Last September, we mentioned that there are a number of small, yet meaningful changes that people can make to lower the carbon footprints of their homes.

Some changes can do a lot more to make a home eco-friendly than others. One of the most important decisions that environmentally conscious homeowners can make is choosing the right boilers to heat their homes.

There are a variety of reasons that the boiler that you use plays a role in the level of sustainability in your home. One of the biggest environmental benefits derives from longevity. If you buy a boiler that lasts longer, then you are not going to leave as large of a carbon footprint since it takes energy and natural resources to produce a new one. More reliable boilers will also retain their efficiency better as they age, which results in less heat loss, and therefore a lower carbon footprint.

Choosing the Right Boiler to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

When considering a boiler for the home, it does not pay to buy cheaply, only to shell out more for repairs and replacements over time. On top of considering the cost of a new boiler, you have to look at the quality and features that the boiler will bring to your home. This decision is going to be very important when it comes to lowering your carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Therefore, in these cost-conscious and quality-insistent times, which brands offer the most value for money in terms of serviceability and functionality?

Do you want help finding a heating system that will be good for the environment? We have the answers below.


Price range: £1,595 to £2,200, VAT-inclusive

Manufactured by the Italian heating solutions firm Immergas, Alpha is an excellent budget-friendly brand for those living in smaller single-detached homes like cottages or terraced flats with one or two bedrooms.

Seeing how cheap these are may make people rethink buying them (after all, many cheap boilers prove to be more expensive due to maintenance costs). However, this boiler seems to be rather dependable for its price point and therefore better for the environment in terms of efficiency.

Prime Options: The Evoke boiler series is the best choice in this particular range for smaller homes. But, if you’re in the market for a boiler for larger spaces, the E-Tec and E-Tec+ are just the thing for homes with three to four bedrooms.


Price range: £1,650 to £2,400 without installation

One of the oldest brands currently available (it’s been around for over 140 years), Vaillant produces high-performance boilers that have won numerous awards throughout Europe. With their sleek modern design, it’s easy to see their visual appeal, but these boilers have the additional perk of being eco-friendly as well.

The brand’s combi boilers are perfect for smaller spaces or homes with a single bathroom as these are quite compact. There’s no need for a storage tank or any additional paperwork related to construction or refurbishment. Since it can work in smaller spaces easily, you don’t have to worry about using unnecessary energy that leaves a larger carbon footprint.

Plus, these boilers have an A for energy efficiency and are designed to be cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Prime Options: Consider the green ecoFIT Pure boiler for a starter home, then upgrade to the ecoTEC series when you’re ready to scale up.


Price range: £650 up to £2,400 without installation

Ideal has been around since 1906, and its products have evolved to meet the needs of the changing times. The brand also boasts of the highest-rated products in terms of energy efficiency and has the additional benefit of warranties that can run between two and twelve years. Since it is highly rated for energy efficiency, it will also be ideal for the environment.

Prime Options: The Ideal Vogue series comes in combi and system formats, perfect for larger family homes.

Vitodens by Viessmann

Price range: One of the broadest available from £794 to £6,189, without installation

Manufactured and imported from Germany since the 1900s, Viessmann offers an extensive range of heating solutions that includes combi, system, and even open-vent boilers distributed in the UK under the Vitodens brand.

What makes this company’s boilers unique is their diversity and flexibility. The standard Vitodens combi boiler, for example, was developed in such a way that it can be used to heat homes of varying sizes ranging from small, single-resident flats to more extensive family homes.

Prime Options: The more advanced Vitodens 111 and Vitodens 200 combi boilers are powered by smart technology and were built to introduce higher flow rates for hot water.

Worcester Bosch

Price range: £1,795 to £2,900, VAT-inclusive

Since 1962, the UK’s most popular brand has been tireless in creating and developing the best possible boilers in the market. They are also surprisingly well rated for energy efficiency and environmentalism.

Not only are the choices extensive to suit a household’s particular heating needs, but licensed specialists do the installation. As a result, you can be sure of superior product performance as well as excellent service for years to come.

Prime Options: Launched this year, the Worcester Bosch 4000 is an upgrade on the brand’s highly-rated Greenstar 30i boiler range.


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