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Why Your Building Needs to Save Energy



Organizations can get energy savings of 2-10% per year if they know how to manage their energy better. But you can save a lot more than that with the right methods and resources. Those that have sought the help of energy consulting services have reported a marked decrease in their utility expenses.

The Importance of Energy Conservation

Energy costs continue to rise with no signs of slowing down. Newer technologies have been introduced in the market and are gaining in popularity, but simply choosing to utilize energy more efficiently is still the easiest and most cost-effective way to cut energy consumption.

In the United States, the most energy efficient buildings use 35% less energy than other buildings and they achieve this without sacrificing comfort or performance.

It’s also been found that efficient buildings have increased asset value and have higher occupancy rates. This should not come as a surprise. Tenants would much rather choose real estate that can offer them lower utility bills. But more than that, the rise in environmental awareness have prompted businesses, employees and consumers to support organizations that are perceived to be environmentally responsible.

Knowledge is Key

There are many ways you can determine how well (or how poorly) energy is being used and managed in your building. Commercial building managers who regularly monitor this crucial information can help their company cut their energy bills by at least 7% in a period of 3 years. To put that in perspective, you’ll be able to save:

  • $120,000 for a 500,000 sq/ft office building
  • $140,000 for an 800,000 sq/ft school district
  • $2.5 million for a retailer with 500 stores
  • $4.1 million for a hotel chain with 100 properties

It’s a Low Risk Investment

The great thing about deciding to make your building energy efficient is that you don’t need to a significant amount of money before you can get the ball rolling. In fact, in some cases, no capital is needed at all. The first step is to make a commitment to improve your building’s energy performance. Then you create a plan. You will need the help a professional energy consultant who can recommend the most effective and beneficial methods for your particular building and budget.

With energy conservation, commercial buildings can prevent wasted energy dollars and instead use the money to improve other aspects of your organization. You can even use the savings you get to secure capital for other business ventures.

Start Now

Stop procrastinating. Remember that the longer you hold it off, the more money you are wasting. If you suspect that your building is very inefficient in its energy use, it’s time to think about how you can improve its performance. If you don’t have the budget for it now, then start with low-cost strategies such as an energy audit. Even the simplest methods can make a big difference. But the important thing is to start now because the cost of holding off can be quite substantial.



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