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Canary Wharf Group Joined by Intel and 20 Smart Cities Start-Ups to Form ‘Cognicity Hub’



Canary Wharf Group has announced the founding members of the Cognicity Hub, a dedicated smart cities ecosystem based at the Level39 technology accelerator in One Canada Square. Following the recent success of the Group’s Cognicity Challenge, a variety of companies have taken permanent residence at Level39 within the Cognicity Hub, an optimised workspace for the development of world-class smart cities technology.

Multinational company Intel is also joining the Cognicity Hub as a founding technology partner, placing a focused smart cities and Internet of Things (IoT) team within the space.

Canary Wharf Group’s CEO and Chairman, Sir George Iacobescu CBE says “Following the success and experience of Canary Wharf Group’s Cognicity Challenge in 2015, we are delighted to announce our continued commitment to smart cities innovation with the launch of our hub today.

“This dedicated space will help us and the broader smart cities community identify and develop some of the most exciting breakthrough technologies, benefiting our own development pipeline while helping to build a smarter and more future-proof London.”

Founding SME members of the Cognicity Hub include:

  • BlockDox: a system that puts a wealth of services at residential tenants’ fingertips. From their app residents can perform everyday tasks, likecontacting reception and arranging repairs.
  • Boldmind: an Internet of Things startup that develops bespoke apps to control connected systems and devices, while also analysing the data they generate
  • BuzzStreets: a way-finder and navigation app that uses augmented reality to bring art to life, while saving time and money.
  • Demand Logic: is a health-monitoring system for buildings that improves the condition of your property by making it more efficient and comfortable whilst cutting costs and effort.
  • Opinsta: A delegation tool which ensures a business’ customer feedback is instantly directed to the individuals or teams responsible so that customer opinions are not lost or forgotten
  • Polysolar: a manufacture of innovative transparent solar PV window glass that generates electricity and prevents buildings from overheating.
  • SEaB Energy: a plug-and-play waste-to-energy company that patented a miniature anaerobic digester that is able to transform organic waste into energy and water.
  • Snapback: a platform which creates a multimodal way for people to interact with smart devices and reinvents the interaction between human and machine as a user-centered relationship.
  • Tridify: An interactive collaborative visualisation and design tool delivered on a range of devices, from iPad to Virtual Reality environments, which enables support and cooperation across all stages of the building lifecycle – from concept planning, design, construction to refurbishment.
  • Voyage Control: a company helping businesses manage, optimise and track their freight deliveries by streamlining logistics, helping with security and meeting environmental objectives

To turbocharge the growth of smart cities companies at Level39, a Cognicity curriculum has been curated. This tailored programme provides Cognicity Hub members with access to Level39’s long-standing partners, industry players and investors, as well as one-to-one mentorship with smart cities and IoT experts and a range of complementary startup activities and events.

Level39, Europe’s largest technology accelerator space, is already home to a number of existing smart cities companies including EcoMachines, Flexeye, ET Index, Eurosender, Pointr, Intelico, Melin Medical, Multipass, NRGbase, QURAMI and Your Parking Space.

Mayor of London’s Special Adviser for Business and Science, Joe Mitton, says “London is attracting talent from all over the world to help create the smart cities of the future.  Initiatives such as the Cognicity Hub are vital to this success. Cognicity is a jewel of innovation and a great environment for creative work on smart cities. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and I are hugely supportive and inspired by the ideas pouring out of Level 39.”

Intel UK Smart Cities Director, Ian Jones says “Intel is delighted to be a founding technology partner of this smart cities ecosystem – we look forward to working with innovative entrepreneurs and technologies which can revolutionise how citizens live, work and play. Technology working closely with real-estate and property marks a significant turning point in creating a smarter future. Collaborating with Canary Wharf Group, Level39 and these innovators will create impacting and meaningful results for the residents of smarter cities everywhere.”


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