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Community Energy Fortnight and Community Energy Coalition



The third Community Energy Fortnight is underway and runs from 5th and 20th September 2015. It is organised by the Community Energy Coalition (CEC).

The Community Energy Fortnight, sponsored by Co-operative Energy for the second consecutive year, gives people the chance to visit community projects in their local area, all of which are actively engaged in generating and/or saving energy for the benefit of local people. From visits to wind farms and solar parks to energy efficiency workshops, the events bring community energy to life and give people up and down the country the chance to see how they can get involved in this growing sector.

Community Energy Fortnight also sees the launch of the “Community Energy Hub” a brand new web platform with comprehensive information on community energy and the opportunity to find community energy groups active in your area. The Hub is the ideal way to follow up your visit to a community energy project and find out how you can get involved. The Hub can be found at:

CEC is a group of 36 trusted civil society organisations and sustainable energy experts, working together to champion community energy both politically and publically. Their aim is to ignite an energy revolution which places communities at its heart and strives for a clean, affordable and secure energy system for all.

The CEC has already made significant progress towards scaling up community energy.  Most noticeably, the CEC was a key contributor to the Government’s first ever Community Energy Strategy, launched last year, which featured a number of potentially break-through policies.

The CEC has a shared vision for 2020 of “communities across the UK owning, generating and saving energy together for the benefit of all”.

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