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ECO delivering majority of energy efficiency measures



The latest government figures shows that the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) accounts for the vast majority of installed energy efficiency measure through the government.

To the end of September, 311,250 measures were installed in around 273,000 properties through ECO, cashback and the green deal, up from 251,655 measures to the end of August. The large majority of installed measures, 98%, were delivered through ECO.

Energy minister Greg Barker said, “Over 100,000 green deal assessments have now taken place, and over 80% of the households assessed said they intend to install at least one energy saving measure.

“With more than 270,000 properties made more energy efficient this year thanks to ECO and the green deal, it’s clear that Britain’s homeowners are serious about making their homes warmer and taking control of their energy bills.”

The green deal passed the 1,000 take-up mark in October. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has previously said it expected 10,000 customers to be signed up by the end of the year. The scheme has subsequently been criticised due to the low take up rate. However, the government insists this will improve.

ECO was introduced to reduce energy consumption and support people living in fuel poverty by improving their home energy efficiency.

Of the ECO measures installed, 33% were for cavity walls, 32% were for loft insulation and 27% were for boiler upgrades. To the end of October £288m worth of contracts had been let through ECO brokerage, compared to the £235m at the end of September.

Since David Cameron announced a review into green levies, the future of ECO has been placed in doubt. Companies in the energy efficiency industry have spoken out, saying that it has already had a “devastating” impact on the industry.

The review has been heavily criticised, with businesses and organisations pointing out the ECO offers long-term solutions rather than simply cutting energy bills in the short-term.

The director of policy and communication at the UK Green Building Council John Alker said that the row over how ECO is funded has affected planned installations and investment decisions. He added, “Following the disruption caused by the transition from CERT and CESP to ECO, the last thing the energy efficiency industry needs is further uncertainty.”

The industry has also warned that the review could place 10,000 jobs at risk across the UK.  

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